Fixing America In 500 Words Or Less

Note on Content

       Individual chapters in this book attempt to address various issues directly affecting the lives, well-being and future of people residing within the United States.  Though each chapter is short and concise, limited to no more than 500 words, many of the chapters include explanatory footnotes containing additional information and supporting links to various web-based sources.  Some of the information included in various footnotes is similar or the same as found under related issues, if and when similar content applies.

       Though including similar information at times might seem redundant, this has been done deliberately to maintain clarity within each individual issue being addressed. Obviously, various issues such as poverty, taxation, economic and environmental health, health care, science and education are related to and often affected by each other.

       This book was originally begun around and about the same time that our nation foolishly decided to invade Iraq.  Various chapters have been revised and updated several times, as developments since then apply.  In particular in regards to newly emerging science evidence and also because geopolitical reality today continues to often unexpectedly change, some of the information even though recently and extensively revised, may be somewhat dated by the time the contents are read.

       Those who have a particular interest in science may wish to first read Chapter 67 and then come back and finish the rest of the book.  This chapter contains extensive lengthy footnotes with many links to information regarding recent emerging science, the majority of which is not found in modern textbooks and other sources that were published prior to the last few years.  Unlike the rest, the footnotes in this particular chapter are essentially lengthy enough for it to be considered as a small book unto itself.  Regardless of one's personal opinions, information linked in this chapter has value to anyone wanting to know what many current practicing scientists actually believe.

       All of the links throughout this book have been tested as working properly. Unfortunately, web-based sources sometimes either go out of existence or otherwise, move or remove specific pages.  If a link no longer works, in most cases the information can be located by web search using key words relating to the linked page.  Information regarding any links no longer working, general comments on the content and other responses can be emailed here.

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