( On the Lost Art of Offending Practically Everyone )

       Probably nowhere are the true colors of the conservative Christian entirely wrong more blatantly apparent than when they are seen carrying anti-abortion signs one day, ostensibly supporting the 'right to life', while marching to a political drumbeat of capitalist enterprise warmongering woe the next.  Truly the historical Jesus was correct in pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of such morally retarded religionists, who "strain the knat" of the unborn and "swallow the camel" of the overwhelming needs of the already born.  These self-proclaimed 'right to life' immoral miscreants claim to care about theorized rights of those not yet born while voting for callous and unethical political opportunists who consistently trample all over the Human and Civil Rights of the living and likewise, ignore the political, social and actual environment of our children's future.  There is truly nothing more evil on our planet than a conservative religion equating such hypocritical lunacy with the extremely liberal and Human Rights centered Jesus, who somehow seems to have overlooked the abortion issue entirely.

       Some, perhaps most people, come to accept the normal societal notion of “maturity” as, growing beyond the teenaged years and gradually adopting the dress, habits and customs that are commonly viewed as “adult” (which of course change from generation to generation).  True maturity, however, may be best defined as the ability to sort out what is important in life over what is superficial and then, to devote one’s time and energy to the former accordingly. Perhaps a total lack of maturity is displayed on the divisive question of abortion more than on any other issue confronting modern American society today.  The problem with the entire abortion dilemma is that moral juvenile delinquents posing as adults waste countless hours and millions of dollars in support of or against, what is anything but, pro choice or pro life; that is, neither side is otherwise, providing much of a valid contribution to enhance the lot of those of us who are already born.  Such costly and energetic devotion, it would seem, would be much better served addressing some of the myriad of social problems involving oppression, poverty and disease among the living.  A position such as this is bound to infuriate many on both sides of the abortion coin, which only goes to underscore the lack of maturity those heatedly engaged in such a medically indecisive issue possess.

       Supporting the so-called rights of the unborn at the energy expense of the rights of those who already exist does not add up to a whole lot of (or even a little) common horse sense, neither does vehemently arguing for or against one’s theorized right to choose seem to change a single mind already long since persuaded of the opposite view.  Since a great many medical and other experts have differing opinions as to when a human being actually becomes a living person with rights, there is no general consensus as to whether or not abortion is murder, that is, the deliberate taking of another human being’s life. The theory of a women's "right to choose" does not in legal reality, enter into the equation (except in cases of rape or life-threatening situations), as the fundamental question is whether or not abortion constitutes murder.  If so, then a women has no more right to choose to take the life of her unborn child than she does to take the life of her children who are already born; to argue otherwise is merely to draw a convenient unproven line in a quicksand of irrationality.  Of course, in cases of rape and the threat to a mother's own life, issues other than those relating to the unborn merit consideration (see below).

       Until such a time as it can be medically proven that abortion is or is not the taking of an innocent life, it would serve the entire world community for the better if this most contentious issue were set entirely aside.  Those claiming to care about the rights of the unborn would do far better in the maturity of greater reasoning, to concentrate on the obvious problems of poverty, disease and environmental, political, social, conservative religious and other pollution which plagues the daily lives of the much-beleaguered already born.  And those clinging to the shallow fallacy of a woman's right to choose would be of more value to the world community if they instead, concentrated on improving the lot of people in a great many other much-needed areas. *  Since a clear consensus has not been reached as to whether or not abortion is murder, than it cannot be rationally argued in most cases that a woman does or does not have the right to choose.  On the other hand, in cases of rape or when a child-bearing woman’s life is severely threatened, it is quite rational to argue that fundamental Human Rights theory dictates that such a woman most definitely does have a right to choose, either for herself or for the unborn child at her sole discretion.

       Conservative fundamentalists singling out the issue of abortion while ignoring the problems of those outside the womb and otherwise voting for, modern warmongers of wealth and ease who habitually ignore the needs of the sick and poor and the environment and stability of our children’s future, mostly roundly and soundly deserve to be labeled as the immature pharisaical hypocrites that they portray themselves to be.  One might fairly ask, what kind of God cares about the life of the unborn but is oblivious to the poverty and disease of the already born?  Likewise, Biblical literalists must contend with the fact that, not only does the entire New Testament not even mention the issue of abortion, but Jesus himself in John 3:5-6 defined life as beginning at physical birth rather than conception.  One could perhaps fairly assume that if stamping out abortion is such an all-consuming priority of the Creator, at least the Messiah would have somehow, mentioned it!

       Therefore, all those of good conscience and sound mind can perhaps reasonably agree to what is the truly mature and Godly position regarding abortion; that being of course, to ignore the inconclusive and divisive issue entirely.  It would appear however, that regardless of whether one is “pro-choice” or “pro-life”, or in the case of a mother’s own life being severely threatened, pro-choice and pro-life, it is most probably in the best interest of the planet in general and our species in particular, if abortion were to be applied to anyone and everyone claiming to adhere to the Christian conservative fundamentalist cult persuasion; applied that is, swiftly, unilaterally and entirely, retroactively.

*FootNote:  Some women (and men) hold the position that, since women who cannot legally obtain a governmental sanctioned abortion will historically resort to unsafe illegal methods, it is therefore moral and correct to insist on legalized abortion, even if one personally finds the idea offensive.  Although the author very much sympathizes with the necessity of discouraging unsafe medical procedures, if abortion is taking the life of another person, then such a reality would in his opinion, outweigh the moral benefit of this particular argument. Conservatives on the anti-abortion side would counter that a society sanctioning abortion is teaching its youth that sexual responsibility is not important and teaching such itself, outweighs the medical safety advantages of legal abortion.  Since as noted above, medical experts cannot agree as to whether or not abortion actually constitutes murder and if so, how far into pregnancy such might be the case, again as noted above, the abortion issue largely remains an un-winnable position on either side.  And therefore, it is arguably mature to cast off the issue entirely, putting our energies instead in areas where we have hope of achieving much more positive results.


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