“Everything else in life can wait
  But the search for God cannot wait
  And love one another...

        Though it is indeed true that several even well-established charities pass on very little of the actual dollar value donated toward the effort for which they theoretically exist, there are still in America and in other parts of the world, many very fine organizations that truly strive to aid the cause for which they claim to care for.  The excuse "I don't want to give anything because I'm not certain whether or not it will actually go to help the particular need" is simply that, an excuse.  As long as there are worthy charities such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, Save The Children, Comic Relief, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s Research and Farm Aid in existence, there is no legitimate reason why those of us who have plenty cannot contribute a little to those who are most definitely in need of our support.  None of us ever really know for certain when our own time of hardship may arise, though one thing is fairly guaranteed for the vast majority of human beings in this life of economic struggle and threatening disease and that is, our hour of need for assistance from others eventually in some fashion, inevitably does come knocking at our door.

        It remains much more than a disgrace that many ‘non-profit’ organizations in theory are in the actuality, little more than sham fronts to support the often more than comfortable lifestyles of the non-profit affluent; much more than a disgrace because such conscienceless individuals are in all reality, taking food, clothing, shelter and medical aid away from legitimate charitable efforts by, in addition to pilfering funds that would otherwise go to the less fortunate elsewhere, causing charity as a whole to be perceived as a dishonorable endeavor.  If those in Congress who claim to represent we the people had any backbone at all, they would pass a Constitutional amendment requiring tax-exempt organizations to give a minimum of 80% of all assets received directly to the cause that they claim to represent or else, they would without exception, lose their non-profit status.  Other organizations of course, have a right to exist, but they have no Constitutional right to subsist at the expense of the already, greatly overburdened and beleaguered American taxpayer.

        Furthermore, as long as private business is taxed in America, it remains entirely against the most obvious intentions of our country’s founders for those of us who do not support a particular religion to be forced to subsidize what would and should correctly be, an entirely legitimate tax levy on religious organizations.  And thus, since most assuredly such an organization does not represent our Creator if it fails to meet the minimum noted here, all religious organizations which do not contribute at least 80% of all assets received directly to aid the sick and poor should likewise, lose their tax-exempt status. Why should us non-believing citizens be unconstitutionally required to fund the illegitimate tax exemption of big-time (or small-time) religious enterprise when the First Amendment clearly dictates otherwise?  (See Working Man's Cancer Sore for more information.

        In addition to established charitable organizations, virtually all major and a great many smaller modern American cities have one or more legitimate outreaches for the homeless and poor.  If you are uncertain which groups in your particular area are genuine, legitimacy can easily be ascertained by talking to your local newspaper, city, fire or police department or by visiting the organization in question for direct observation.  If your particular city officials and police departments are antagonistic towards homeless outreaches (as some are), then try visiting your local newspaper and talking directly to the local news or managing editor.  Most editors and reporters have a fairly good grasp on which non-profit groups are legitimately trying to help and which are perhaps, not so upstanding in overall motive and outreach.

        Most local police and fire departments work in association with several worthwhile charitable efforts, The House Of Ruth for abused women being a prime example.  Many local and national senior citizen organizations also are connected to worthy charitable endeavors.  Even if we are unable to provide much in the way of monetary relief, we can lend support in other ways, including becoming personally involved with a local charitable effort.  Virtually all legitimate local outreaches are in need of volunteers, as well as monetary, property and clothing donations.  Contributing a few hours here and there of actual physical help for the less fortunate is generally profitable toward one's own self-worth and esteem, as well as for individuals who are truly in need of our assistance.

        One of the more interesting statistics claimed by many who invest time in studying such, is that if American bikers as a whole are viewed as a societal group, this particular group gives more to charitable causes than any other. Likewise, many of modern society's famous and wealthy individuals soon tire of such hollow vanity and begin to help various causes in search of greater personal achievement and fulfillment.  Some of us eventually learn over time that, just as a lone soldier claimed more than two thousand years ago, helping others is more interesting, fulfilling and worthwhile than simply trying to gain all that we can ¹,  which such shallow pursuit over time, can become more and more boring, empty and personally unfulfilling.  Many of us don't bother to help much simply because we have never actually tried.  In the most worthwhile endeavor of helping others who are less fortunate than our own selves, the phrase "try it, you might just like it" more than adequately applies.

        In the wake of our nation’s great tragedy of September 11th, 2001, perhaps more than in any other negative event in recent memory, there was a tremendous outpouring of volunteers, monetary and other forms of relief from people and organizations in every state and from many foreign nations as well. Even some homeless individuals in New York City were observed donating of all things, a few dollars in monetary assistance, as well as physically pitching in to help.  What this illustrates is that a great many people from all walks of life really do want to help when they perceive a dire need exists.  We need those in leadership in our national and local governments and in our education systems to make it a point to emphasize that there continues to be people located throughout the United States in dire need of similar relief.  Likewise, our larger American corporations, even though many do give significantly to their own or other established charities, need to be encouraged to work together to spearhead a national campaign to eradicate poverty and homelessness.

        If everyone who has more than enough would simply give a little to those who do not, if everyone who is healthy and well would spend just a few hours of their time helping those who are not so fortunate and if each one of us would make an effort to be even halfway nice towards others, there would be no need for Civil and Human Rights activists, no need to worry about war and rumor of war, no need for discussion of political and/or social theory and America’s beloved Good Samaritan Jerry Lewis could retire and play golf for his remaining senior years of theoretical leisure.  As a conservative religious man once said, to the shame of more than a few liberals puffed up in the vanity of their own intellectual arrogance, who often spend a great deal of time discussing social problems and not much reciprocal amount actually doing much about them: "Don't do nothing, just because you can't do everything." ²

 ...Everything else in life can wait
    But the search for God cannot wait,
    And love one another” ³

The Muscular Dystrophy Association

Newman's Own

A Partial Caring Celebrity List

DEDICATED TO:  America's good Samaritan, Jerry Lewis, who before Farm Aid, Comic Relief, Live Aid and the Concert For Bangladesh, helped teach us all what the world needs now.  Also dedicated to motion picture actors Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward, who have quietly gone about developing various commercial enterprises from which the proceeds are donated to charity; a truly very wise idea for generating ongoing much needed funds, which so far has raised over $125 million dollars.


1. Acts 20:35.

2. Stanley Mooneyham; former president of World Vision International.

3. George Harrison; the “quiet Beatle” and friend of our Father's beloved children of Bangladesh, from a statement issued by his family upon his recent untimely death.


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