"Unless the Lord builds the house
  They labor in vain who build it...

        As we move into the 21st Century, the American population is seemingly becoming more rather than less receptive to conspiracy theories, those often paranoid-sounding notions claiming that one or more groups of individuals are deliberately conspiring to take over America and the major economies of Western civilization (if not the entire world).  Some of these speculations of course, are extremely farfetched and bordering on the irrational, but others contain some well-researched valuable information within their documentation and scope.  Many beleaguered students of general knowledge eventually learn that a sincere researcher can be wrong in overall deduction, yet helpful regarding factual information and insight.  Although conspiracy theories are myriad and though it may be of rather dubious conclusion that a few extremely wealthy cigar-smoking masters of political and corporate warfare are deliberately planning to take over the globe through clandestine means, there undoubtedly remains a certain amount of truth and substance to the general underlying idea of conspiracy.

        Near the beginning of A People’s History Of The United States, author Howard Zinn informs us that at the dawn of the American Revolution, over ninety percent of America’s wealth (not including holdings of the British and other foreign governments) was concentrated among less than ten percent of the American population.  Rather discouragingly, near the end of this rather interesting treatment of American history, Mr. Zinn relates that when Jimmy Carter took office, approximately one third of the wealth was concentrated within the top one percent, eighty-three percent of personal stock was owned by the top five percent and it appears safe to state that over ninety percent of total wealth remains in the hands of considerably less than ten percent of our modern population at the turn of the 21st Century.  In other words, in spite of the Declaration Of Independence, The Constitution Of The United States, the Bill Of Rights, the freeing of the slaves, the emergence of unionization, the liberation of women and minorities, modern science and education and our supposed free and democratic way of life, the historical record of America indicates these have little to do with the actual eventual overall economic position of the masses---that is, with who actually gains and who ultimately controls.

        To be fair, the average lot and lifestyle of the common people in the United States is superior to that of the common masses in many other modern nations, but nevertheless, the vast majority of our nation's wealth as we enter the new millennium remains in the control of an elite few.  It is also more than historically accurate to say that any economic advantage enjoyed today by average Americans has been gained through many years of bitter and often bloody struggle between the wealthy corporate elite and greed-controlled landowners and the impoverished and often as not, economically enslaved American working masses.  Those of modern relative working-class ease who have not studied American history in depth generally remain unaware of the highly oppressed history of the vast majority working-class and of a certainty, what passes for 'education' in modern day America is bound (by design) to keep the general American population in continuing historical darkness regarding the true legacy of American capitalism and 'free' enterprise.  (See Gallo Brothers for more details).

        A similar reality can be found in many (perhaps all) major civilizations throughout recorded history.  That is, no matter what the economic, religious or social theory or political system set in place, those who possess the wealth tend to encroach on the Human and Civil Rights of (actually stomp all over) those who do not.  Consider when the Fidelistas finally took control of Cuba in early 1959; one of the first things Castro did was to hold a meeting with the country's bankers, dictating to them in no uncertain terms what it was they were expected to accomplish.  Successful revolutionaries, it would seem, come to understand early that control of the wealth is paramount toward the solidification of power. Likewise, consider Russian Czars and the bourgeois property-owning capitalists who slowly drained a nation's wealth away from and in the process, left the working masses of a great population utterly enslaved and impoverished.  Not long after the inevitable revolution that brought Lenin to power and after many atrocities of Lenin’s own doing, Stalin and those who followed him ended up creating their own version of a wealthy Russian bureaucratic elite, enjoying lives of luxury at the expense (and often torture and death) of the still greatly impoverished proletariat who Lenin supposedly rescued.

        Again, compare the American Revolution, whose primary belligerents were virtually all people of means and who initially, severely limited who could vote and hold power (i.e., white male land-owners).  They did not originally include the basic Civil Rights found in the now famous first ten amendments to the Constitution and some of them continued to oppose their inclusion after ratification.  Likewise, assess the all too common avarice of the Kings, Pharos and generally not so benevolent despots of human history, who habitually overtax and enslave their subjects to support, not only their affinity for war and rumor of war but also, their often ornate lifestyles and elaborate over-indulgences as well.  And finally, reflect on the not-so-proud legacy of the Catholic Church, which has a rather checkered past of vacillating between her own economic interests, that of powerful kings and the power-struggles of wealthy landowners and merchants.  As the historically jaded among us sometimes conclude, the golden political rule of our species’ invariably remains, “those who have the gold make the rules”.  And more importantly, those who rule for very long must of necessity, maintain the allegiance of those who control the wealth.

        According to the authors of the Bible, behind the physically obvious war and rumor of war that nations and tongues are habitually caught up in, there is an underlying world system (Gr. “kosmos”) controlled by evil and based on the love of wealth; this system, sometimes symbolized by Babylon ¹  (i.e., confusion), “rules over” the kings and would-be masters of the earth.  Though possessing certain elements of the theories of both Adam Smith and Frederick Engels, this Biblical idea is arguably more advanced and correct in terms of true global perspective and most certainly, much more profound in vision and scope. And unlike modern theories of deliberate conspiracy attributed to political and economic powers or to a select few, the Biblical world system view of economic collusion more accurately describes what might be called, at least from human perspective, “the natural conspiracy of wealth”.  That is, those who control the wealth support laws, rules, regulations and religious, political, civil and social powers, ideologies and customs, whether consciously or not, which tend to protect their economic interests at the expense of the common masses and others who possess no particular economic leverage.

        One of the more interesting realities of the history of human civilization is the often-overlooked fact that no one person or organized group of individuals has thus far, been able to rule the entire civilized world.  Although often extremely determined and generally ruthless individuals as diverse as Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander, Genghis Kahn, Tamerlane, Napoleon, Hitler and several other would be masters of the masses have apparently set their hearts toward world domination, there is a considerable amount of historical evidence which indicates, just as the Bible seems to claim, that there are checks and balances in place (perhaps more accurately, a Giant Thumb) to insure that no one person will ever rule the entire earth by brute force. ²   Each individual or group of would be king of kings who have tried so far have invariably, somehow managed to meet their Waterloo of opposing reality prior to achieving the ultimate objective.

        In spite of the historically immature claims of modern supply-side economics and the manifesto of adopted parent Adam Smith's lassie-faire insistence of free markets self-regulating toward the common good, both pre and post industrial Europe leaves a contradicting legacy of wealthy kings, prelates, nobles and merchants living in relative splendor while the common masses performing the drudge labor of society reside in open and utter squalor. Likewise, in pre-unionized America, the natural conspiracy of wealth resulted in coal, meat, steel and oil tycoons and their political cronies enjoying lifestyles far better than most kings of recorded history, while the labor force masses, consisting of children as young as four years old, lived in similar utter poverty with early-death inducing 12-18 hour workdays, no healthcare or other benefits and very unsafe and utterly deplorable working conditions.  Again, the economic lessons of history clearly teach us that if the pressures of modern unions and Human Rights legislation were to be lifted, the seemingly benevolent non-unionized companies now offering relatively safe working conditions, livable wages, healthcare and other benefits would in short order, revert back to the unsafe and utterly despicable economic slave-labor sweat shops of 19th and early 20th Century America. ³

        Notwithstanding, without the necessary meat packing and pharmaceutical regulations instituted by Republican president Theodore Roosevelt, we would again soon be developing the trichinosis and other bacteria-related disease caused by consumption of spoiled meat deliberately marketed for profit, along with inheriting a plethora of the placebo-type pills, fraudulent wonder-potent drugs and miracle cough syrup elixirs of the recent American past.  The historical truth regarding 'trickle-down' theory clearly exposed, is that without wise government regulation, Human Rights protections and collective labor pressure, the natural conspiracy of wealth runs all over the common masses in favor of the powerful and generally callous, wealthy elite.  And quite frankly, the historical reality regarding the convoluted notion of free markets of greed and avarice somehow regulating by their own selves toward the overall common good, is proven time and again, to be a twisted and complete and utter lie. (See Credit #3 below and Gallo Brothers for more details.)

        Although it is highly unlikely that the ultra-wealthy elite of the modern era actually meet somewhere in smoke-filled back rooms deliberately plotting to covertly control the masses, the natural conspiracy of wealth nevertheless, seeks to control the masses just the same.  For example, one corporation may try a certain strategy to increase market share, such as clever mind influencing commercial jingles or even subliminal advertising.  Before long, every corporation who can afford to compete and/or manage to borrow, falls right in line with the same (and ever more elaborate) schemes of mind and emotion control to influence what people purchase.  The end result is that millions of people compulsively purchase unaffordable, unhealthy and totally unnecessary goods and services, the same as if the heads of these corporations had gathered in a secluded spot and deliberately conspired to turn the common masses into neurotic irresponsible compulsive gluttons.

        Consider computer game manufacturing companies who collectively push their time-consuming and peer pressure-less products on our children---good for the economic interests of computer companies but not necessarily so good for our inactive and non-socializing offspring.  Then consider soft drink companies cajoling both children and adults to consume far more of their products than is likely to be in our best interest, beer companies encouraging us to drink more than is healthy, fast food companies convincing us to eat far more fatty foods than most physicians consider wise and so on.  Obviously, computer game, soft drink, beer and fast food companies do not deliberately collude together to encourage our species to act in an unhealthy manner, yet the end results of the natural conspiracy of wealth are the same as if they had actually met in some mythical, all-corporation encompassing boardroom and deliberately conspired against our best interests.  Likewise, consider the pharmaceutical industry convincing us to subject our bodies to far more legal drugs than one would assume appropriate, insurance companies talking us into insurance that we really do not need, the entertainment industry pushing the latest motion pictures and song recordings as 'can't do without' necessities, automobile companies, cosmetic companies, clothing companies, shoe companies and, as a famous song from the 1960's might insinuate, the corporate commercial natural conspiracy of wealth "beat goes on (and on and on and on)."

        And perhaps most disturbing of all, note the current push of American banking interests to mimic European commerce innovation, promoting to both merchants and consumers alike, the seeming advantages of the new (not so new in Europe) ‘smart card’ technology.  How much more often are those who can ill afford to do so likely to purchase on credit if they carry around an implanted 'credit card' chip wherever they happen to go?  And consider how freedom-less global society is likely to become as governments and corporate interests can determine more and more where we go, who we associate with, what we like, what we don't like and much more.  Although this in all probability is not a deliberate plot hatched by all major banking interests to control how people buy and sell, all banking institutions are nevertheless, more than likely to march right along in the credit card computer chip implant line.  Thus, the end result will be the same as if it were a deliberate global conspiracy. . .  And such technology will in all probability, control how people buy and sell in the not too distant future. * **

        Historically, well over fifty percent of all United States congressional representatives (both Senate and House) have been members of the legal profession and it doesn’t take much of a learned extrapolation to conclude that powerful corporate and other money interests largely control judges, lawyers and the remaining reprobates who supposedly represent we the people. Indeed, most historians eventually come to the similar discouraging conclusion that legal systems of major societies, by-and-in-large, consist of laws, rules and regulations initiated by the wealthy and powerful to protect what they possess from those who do not have nearly as much.  And as Jesus predicted, no matter how wealthy and seemingly advanced our societies may become, there can be no rational historical doubt that the poor will always be among us. Today, in spite of our modern scientific and educational theoretical advances, neither capitalism, communism, socialism nor any modern mixture of these thus far, has been able to realize the desirable ‘Robin Hood’ result of taking from the rich until there are no more wealthy or poor as defined.  On the contrary, the gap between rich and poor, both within the United States and on a global level, appears to be growing ever larger.

        As we move on into a new century of increased computerized globalization refinement and control, it is perhaps becoming more feasible than it once was for those who would seek to control the world to actually achieve such an objective.  As the oft scorned authors of the Bible long ago predicted, there will come a time on our planet when the world economic system will be in the hands of a few and when no one “may buy or sell” without the “mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name”, the prediction being so precise as to designate the right hand or forehead area.
5   Apparently “the beast” refers to a particularly wicked and vile, yet seemingly peaceful and Human Rights oriented leader, who will arise and deceive many by the use of most deceptious and cunning methods.  And as American Express, Visa and MasterCard continue to research the shared desired capability of implanting a smart card technology computer chip in the hands and foreheads of the masses, 6  no one familiar with world banking trends and the economic collusion and ultimate goals of large banking interests, is laughing very loud. ***

 ...Unless the Lord guards the city
    The watchman stays awake in vain"

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DEDICATED TO:  Longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader, who for a great many years has slowly chipped away at the natural conspiracy of money corporate edge, improving the lot of the common people of America dramatically in the process and to Bruce Springsteen, American songwriter and musician of conscience, integrity and sometime controversy.  Let he or she who would have understanding, who would stand for causes of aiding the sick and poor, environmental, peace, freedom and political and social justice. . .  Let us cast off our petty philosophical, political, social, religious and other superficial differences and "rise up" together in support of the great and just cause of Human and Civil Rights; for the day is far spent and a dark curtain of treachery, deception, oppression and persecution such as the world has never before seen, "most assuredly", is coming down on Planet Earth soon.


1. Revelation chapter 17.

2. Daniel chapter 4; see also The Watcher for further explanation.

3. In 19th Century America before and during the Civil War, a short workday was 12 hours and some people worked as many as 18 hours for five days with a 'short' 9-12 hour day on Saturday.  Many very young children worked in the textile and other industries and, because of the expendable nature of the common laborer due to often high unemployment rates, children and adults were callously replaced (with no medical or disability benefits) when they became too ill to work any longer or when fingers, hands, arms and other body parts were severed and thus, their ability to produce as before was inhibited.  A common workday for children ages 8-14 was twelve hours.  Factories were often damp and cold in the winter, unbearably hot in the summer and food was of poor quality and frequently overpriced, leading to severe malnourishment, various diseases and early death.  Wages, typically $1 per week for women and $3 per week for men, were often cut while prices doubled or more during hard economic times, which occurred frequently.  Workers lagging or complaining were simply fired and replaced, while numerous strikes for many years generally resulted in the strike leaders being gunned down, imprisoned and/or fired and the returning workers having their wages lowered for attempting to somehow, improve their unbearable existence.  Both state and federal governments, often using militia and federal soldiers, consistently protected the wealthy capitalist elite, jailing and sometimes murdering striking workers of both sexes, including children, who also participated in large numbers in several strikes.
        Supply-side economists today who earn fat paychecks and eat more in a day than many of these 19th Century Americans did in a week, conveniently put their heads in the historical sands of greed's reality, pretending that the avarice of capitalism will freely market itself toward the common good and are at best, blind stooges for those who control the wealth. Those who push the lassie-faire Reagonomics trickle-down nonsense that complete deregulation and a full free-market economy will eventually improve the lot of the average common person and who would have us believe that equal rights protection, child labor (and adult labor) laws and consumer protection laws are unnecessary, are very plainly liars, as noted in the main body of the text above.  Sources:  Encyclopedia Britannica; A People's History Of The United States by Howard Zinn; The West by Ken Burns & Stephen Ives.

4. "The Beat Goes On" by Sonny Bono; Sony & Cher (1967).

5. Revelation 13:16-18 (also compare Daniel chapter 11 and Matthew 24:15).  Note also Revelation 13:18 refers to a number 666, as if this is in code rather than perhaps a physical in ‘black and white’ number (i.e., “Let him who has understanding calculate the number.”). Currently there are plans on the military drawing board to track individuals (probably first soldiers and later, civilians) by means of computer chip implant.  Private interests have already tested a similar system on adults, ostensibly for health monitoring purposes and an early basic system is currently being used to monitor pets.  Recently, it has been proposed by various groups that chip implants be used as a way to monitor children and to make it harder for child predators to abduct them.  One code design for chip implant tracking works in the following manner:  The code contains three sets of six numbers each; comprised of social security number (9 digits), zip code (5 digits) and extended zip code (4 digits)---example; 423758 - 459902 – 104013.  Note that by including social security number, zip code and extended zip code, individuals can be pinpointed quite easily.  Note also how the three parts of the code are six digits each, adding up to the “666” described in Revelation 13:18.  An atheist the author is familiar with tried to dismiss both this and the disturbingly accurate locations of “forehead” and “hand” for the “mark” as coincidental superstition; yeah sure---and it is bound to snow sometime in July in downtown Phoenix, Arizona---perhaps during the nuclear winter fallout from the Battle of Armageddon, who could possibly know for certain?

6. All three companies may publicly deny this if asked, but then again, Visa and MasterCard would also probably deny that their associated banks deliberately colluded to economically ‘force’ consumers to move toward using ATM cards instead of paper checks and the more riskier (for Visa and MasterCard) normal-type credit cards (see FootNote below).

7. Psalm 127:1.

*FootNote:  About five years before the dawn of the 21st Century, statistically very few people used ATM cards.  Because Visa and MasterCard and their associated banks determined that it was in the best interest of these banks that ATM card usage become widespread, all manner of both consumer and merchant enticements were introduced in order to deliberately influence the American consumer to use them much more frequently and in still growing numbers.  Among many other clever strategies, banks now routinely issue them to almost everyone who opens up a simple checking account.  The end result now a few years later is that over 50% of the eligible population habitually uses ATM cards.  This is no accident but rather, a result of deliberate consumer and merchant inducement marketing methodology, spearheaded by large associations of banks in order to achieve what otherwise, could only be accomplished by force.

**FootNote II:  A new technology currently being tested would replace bar codes on everyday consumer products with tiny computer chips that are smaller than the head of a typical ant. With this technology, manufacturers will be able to track exactly when, where and by whom their products are purchased.  Touted along with the obvious economic incentive to manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers are consumer ‘protection benefits’, such as drug companies being able to notify heart patients when their medicinal supplies are low and consumers being notified when various products are past projected safe expiration dates. Although consumer advocates and others are already voicing concerns over the obvious personal privacy invasion possibilities (actually realities), this technology is already on the corporate fast track toward becoming a commonplace reality within a decade or two.  Privacy concerns are being dismissed with claims of consumer benefits outweighing the potential fallout.  This is but a very small step away from convincing consumers that implanting chips in their foreheads or right hands will serve to ‘protect’ them and their children, as well as make their lives simpler and easier through technological convenience.  Governments (including the current Bush Junior administration) and corporations are certainly no strangers to touting “security” and “convenience” as inducements toward the more obvious ultimate goal of control for political and economic gain.

***FootNote III (an epilogue):  “. . .yet he shall come to his end and no one will help him”
–-Daniel 11:45.  Evidently, one of the great lessons of history is that it is ultimately a very unwise decision to set out to rule the world.


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