The Lost Art of the True Patriot

 "Ezekiel saw de wheel
  Way up in de middle of de air...

        According to a large percentage of pharisaical fundamentalist Christians, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah mainly because it had a large openly homosexual population.  The problem with this type of right-wing religionist reasoning is that the view itself is perhaps, more immoral than the entire population of both of these ancient cities combined, as it insinuates that these certain narrow-minded Christians are somehow, better and more moral than the rest of us.  The author of Letter To The Romans, in agreement with modern scientific findings, states that all human beings are sexually askew of the natural intent of our Creator; modern science has discovered that all human beings fall somewhere in between being one hundred percent ‘homo’ or ‘hetero’ sexual. * He also concludes that there is no significant 'moral' difference between any of us and that it is grossly and entirely immoral to condemn another human being for their surface sexual orientation or for any other perceived difference.  The author goes on to state that conservative fundamentalists who condemn other people for supposed moral differences are themselves, announcing to the world their utter perverted queerness in the opinion of our Father in heaven. ¹

        Unlike these entirely wrong conservative religionists mentioned above espouse, the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel taught that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because these cities contained arrogant populations of wealth and ease that ignored the plight of their sick and poor.  Quite similar to modern day America, whose wealth-corrupted leaders refuse to provide adequate healthcare for the common and poor masses and who consistently fail to even mention the plight of the homeless among their political party platform priorities, as if it doesn't even matter to them if the wealthiest nation on earth has a significant homeless population. ²  According to the New Testament Jesus, God will judge nations based on care, or lack of care, for the sick and the poor. ³ Many modern historians, even those who do not believe in God at all, agree that if a nation does not take care of its sick and poor, that nation will not long survive.

        Historically, when the sick and poor common masses become despondent enough, they a) greatly reduce production, increasingly resist taxation and eventually revolt, b) lose all sense of patriotism, become increasingly apathetic and secretly if not openly, often aid that nation's enemies and/or, c) develop plague and similar catastrophic ailments and their diseases spread on up the line of wealth and privilege, inflicting and eliminating those who would vainly imagine to continue to hold the less fortunate in economic servitude.  Usually within the historical lesson, it is a combination of these factors that causes major civilizations to eventually decline and fall.  Thus the obvious conclusion is that, whether or not there is a God, whether or not God has the power to punish cities and nations and whether or not we like it or really want to, it remains in all of our best interest to come to the aid of the sick and the poor.

        We therefore can define true morality as care for the less fortunate among ourselves, along with treating all people, as we ourselves would like to be treated.  Thus, Human Rights becomes the yardstick of moral measurement, as Jesus long ago indicated when he set down the fundamental basis for Human and Civil Rights with his all-encompassing great command:  "Therefore whatever you want people to do to you, do also to them, for this is the law and the prophets".
4  This “Golden Rule” is by historical default, the basis and measuring rod of true morality.  It is impossible to be a follower of Jesus, as some would have us believe they are and at the same time, ignore the sick and the poor.  And to claim thus becomes equally a lie if we follow the hypocritical example of the conservative religious right (better viewed as the "fundamentally wrong"), who consistently seek to elect those who practice the opposite of peace and goodwill, advocating wars of aggression while ignoring our nation's health, our diseased and our poor.  Supporting such leaders in the name of some entirely twisted and misconstrued notion of outward "white-washed tomb" 'morality', which the true historical Jesus utterly hated and despised, is anti-Human Rights and anti-Civil Rights, against our Father in heaven and the natural order of creation. **

        To understand the great lessons of history is to understand that care for the sick and poor is a matter of both personal and national defense.  Primary to the great and just cause of Human and Civil Rights and by historical default, primary to true patriotism, is care for the less fortunate among us.  When we care for the least of our society, we demonstrate the greatest love for our country and concern for the future of both our nation and our entire planet. Consequently, the masses of common and poor people and every other thinking member of We The People of America and Planet Earth should support those in authority who make the health and economic well being of our poor and general populations their primary political platform and agenda.  Also, we should move to peacefully replace leaders who ignore or hinder what is best for the sick, poor and common masses, as not only do they not demonstrate love for our country or concern for our planet's future, neither do they care about their own flesh and blood; their own children, grandchildren, nor the immediate well being and future of their own contradicting selves.

        In the closing chapter of his autobiography America's most famous biker, Sonny Barger, writes:  "I've learned the hard way that to understand my heart is to understand the evil that lurks inside.  I can't hide behind religious traditions and superficial heroes."
5  Though our modern scientists and educators do their best (perhaps more accurately, their worst) to convince us otherwise, the bloodbath of evidence in both the historical record and our modern reality, as well as volumes of scientific psychological data, clearly indicates that We The People of our planet have an underlying disease that cuts straight to the motivational core of our beings. 6  Those who would deny such have no valid explanation for why we find it necessary to again and again, instruct our children to be good, often with threats of punishment if they are not.  If children are naturally good, why is it that they quite readily disobey rather than obey, even though most adults would never consider deliberately teaching children to disobey?  We do not have to go out of our way to convince our children to be bad---rather we often find it necessary to repeatedly teach them to be good; a very basic and simple, yet conclusive indication that we as a species, have a fundamental problem.  (See Adam and Eve's Apple for more information.)

        As patriotic citizens and ethical human beings, we must strive to promote that which encourages people to treat other people as we ourselves, wish to be treated.  We must also insist that our educational system not only teach our children intellectual facts, which are useless and often dangerous in themselves but also, demand that it promotes social morality and reason of knowledge toward practical application in the positive tradition of individuals such as Frederick Douglass, Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt and Jonas Salk. For in doing so, we are encouraging love, peace and perhaps most logically, common historical horse sense.  If we make a positive and deliberate stand for Human and Civil Rights, consistently promoting individual and collective freedom and respect, while emphasizing help for the sick and poor and others less fortunate than ourselves, then we are true patriots in the tried tradition of Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez.  And thus, we are helping to turn the tide of the wrath of Sodom's judgment away from our nation and instead, asking for our Father's blessings to continue to flow down the storied slopes of Mount Rushmore.

 ...Ezekiel saw de wheel,
    Way in de middle of de air"

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DEDICATED TO:  Eleanor Roosevelt, who would probably have been our greatest president if we had true equality in the United States and undoubtedly deserves to be immortalized on Mt. Rushmore as much or more than the four former presidents who already are.  Unlike what is most unfortunately the truth regarding many of our former and the majority of our current political leaders, Eleanor Roosevelt understood the paramount importance of helping the less fortunate of society in order to insure the ongoing preservation of us all.


1. Letter To The Romans: Chapter One.  It helps if one reads the entire chapter and the chapters following before falling into the superficial religiosity trap of conservative blasphemers. The author of this letter, which was not originally divided into chapters and verses as most modern translations ignorantly insist on doing, would never condemn someone for being homosexual, nor would he consider a homosexual to be one bit worse (or better) than a heterosexual.  The conclusion of the first chapter and the entire Letter To The Romans is that all human beings "fall short" of what is by nature, desirable and correct and thus, it is "inexcusable" for any of us to condemn someone else.  To promote otherwise is to lie before the true Creator of the universe and to reap one’s reward, accordingly.  Those of the 21st Century who put their faith in the rather shaky and contradicting god of modern science might take note that modern psychology and documented studies of human sexuality have demonstrated more-or-less, the same underlying seething mass of corruption that Paul describes in this letter (see FootNote below).

2. Ezekiel 16:49

3. Matthew 25:31-46

4. Matthew 7:12

5. Hell's Angel by Ralph "Sonny" Barger with Keith and Kent Zimmerman.

6. See The Myth of Modern Science and Adam and Eve's Apple for more information.

*FootNote:  The findings of modern science since Freud and the author of Letter To The Romans agree that human sexuality as defined on the surface of our cultural heritage restraint is as such, but a band-aid bubble covering up the seething mass of rage, fear and confusion underneath.  This also agrees with Jeremiah, "prophet of the nations", who said:  "The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it?"  According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, science finds no agreement or general satisfying explanation as to why members of our species ultimately become on the surface what we incorrectly conveniently categorize as "hetero", "homo" and "bi-sexual" individuals.  On the scale of modern scientific surface sexuality, no human being is entirely "gay" nor entirely "straight", thus our science has once again concluded what an author of the Bible already knew a couple of thousand years previously, although the Biblical view remains more accurate, advanced and mature in the light of historical as well as physical evidence (modern scientists and historians rarely cross-reference each other’s disciplines and thus, science continues to invent shallow concepts of non-empirical assumption, such as evolution by Natural Selection, which clearly fails to adequately explain why our species acts as it does in the known historical record charting the gold-entranced and invariably resulting blood-drenched “course of human events”).
        It is interesting how many 'discoveries' of modern science, such as the passing of negative traits from one generational gene pool to another, the eventual death of our sun, the eventual passing away of the universe, evidence of other planets along with the probability of other intelligent life forms, bottomless "black hole" pits filled with the fire and brimstone remnants of stars, the existence of other dimensions and past and future universes, the existence of so many stars that they are essentially "without number" and other 'beliefs' of modern science were long ago portrayed as fact by the authors of the Bible (see Random Chance A-Z Primer of Science and the Bible for more details).

**FootNote II:  It remains comically sad that the far-right religious coalition of conservative demagoguery consistently promotes candidates of blatantly obvious corporate lobby avarice and political malfeasance who ignore our nation's health and welfare, ignore catastrophic disease, our homeless population, the welfare of our senior citizens and who consistently sacrifice our planet and it's inhabitant’s future for the short term gain of a few dollars more. Notwithstanding all of this gross immorality, these same representatives of Benedict Arnold ceremoniously conduct daily prayers in our nation's capitol asking for God's blessing while they meanwhile, wage wars of international aggression and plot to ring our planet with the laser cannons of a future Armageddon.  Apparently the god of the modern conservative fundamentalist finds such political and social sodomy preferable to one President Clinton, who seems to have had a little trouble keeping his britches up.


        Anyone who has traveled much or flown very high in an airplane is aware that, from a human perspective, the earth is very large.  The mass of the sun, which appears to be larger than the average star, yet is much smaller than many stars, is 330,000 x the mass of the earth.  The largest known star is estimated to be 150 times the mass of the sun and between 5 and 40 million times more luminous. ¹  The average distance of Pluto from the Sun is approx. 3.7 billion miles and the nearest star is about 25 trillion miles away.

        The size of our galaxy is estimated to be 120,000 light years, which is about 120,000 x 5,878,786,100,000 miles.  There are estimated to be about 200 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy.  Some galaxies are considerably smaller than ours while some are much larger.  There are estimated to be about 125 billion galaxies in the visible universe.

        The universe is estimated to be at least 156 billion times 6 trillion miles wide.  Some scientists believe there are so many individual stars in the universe that they are essentially, without number.  Most scientists believe that at least eleven dimensions exist within our own universe.  Some astronomers believe there may be as many entire universes as there are stars in our own universe and that there may be other unknown creation beyond these universes---such conclusions are based on indirect evidence and are not merely guesswork or fanciful thinking. ²

        Most people rarely consider what the term “Creator” actually implies.  Most of these individuals are the same people who insist that their own particular religion or philosophy and/or other opinion is entirely or essentially correct. Likewise, it is a very fair and astronomically correct conclusion of the ancient psalmist who said:  “The fool has said in his or her heart, ‘there is no God’.” ³ For how could anyone here on microscopic spec of dust Planet Earth possibly know that there is no God?


1. Star LBV1806-20, the largest star yet discovered, is located on the far side of our Milky Way galaxy.  See also: Astronomy Picture of the Day Calendar.
2. Astronomy estimates mainly from Encyclopedia Britannica (2003); some from data obtained by very recent Hubble Telescope observations as reported on CNN.com and in the NY Times.
3. Psalm 14:1 (pc)


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