Richard Aberdeen is offering a $10,000 reward to any scientist, educator or other individual who can rationally prove by use of the Scientific Method, that the Grand Design of the Universe formed or is forming, by "natural" or other processes without the aid or input from a Grand Designer.  Richard Aberdeen holds the position that any scientist, educator or other individual who cannot rationally prove the grand baseless assumption of Natural Selection by selective-mutational self-organizing processes and yet, continues to promote this conservative religion of dogmatic superstition as "science", is plainly a liar, promoting as fact to others what they themselves cannot prove to be anything more than a contrived and useless mythology of monkey-brained disillusionment, having no basis in the observable or logical reality.

       Furthermore, as the late Carl Sagan and many other modern scientists have been known to refer to the observable Cosmos as the "Grand Design Of The Universe" and, since grand design necessitates by all known logic of children and other created beings of somewhat rational intelligence, Designer or Designer(s), Richard Aberdeen holds that the true fundamental position and starting point of any rational scientific theory of how the observable physical reality came or comes into being, is similar to as follows: All of the currently available evidence indicates Designer and/or Designers; therefore by evidentiary default, a true and correct scientific position postulates that there is a Creator or Creators until it can be rationally and conclusively proven by scientific method otherwise.  Any theory not holding the maxim axiom of a Designer or Designers as Primary Cause for the observable effect is based on a non-proven hypothesis of monkey-brained assumption and therefore, is not as worthy for consideration as any of the known "creation myths" found throughout the recorded history of our contradicting species.  As preposterous as some of these may be, most of them at least bow to the overwhelming evidence of a Creator(s) and are fundamentally to the scientific core, more believable and plausible than modern evolutionary convoluted fairytales of selective-mutational self-organizing processes of Grand Design working apart from the input of a Grand Designer or Designers.

       And finally, Richard Aberdeen holds that a retarded baboon with half his brain removed and the other half utterly confused by the Republican Party planet-trashing war-mongering way and resultant daily doses of Prozac would know better than to embrace the modern conservative superstition religion of Natural Selectionism.  That is, blind baseless belief in the emergence of Cosmic Grand Design without the input and ongoing aid of a Grand Designer. . .  What complete and utter monkey shit !!!


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