Members of Evolution's Natural Selection Advance

( you must score above 150 to be committed )

       Please answer all questions as completely and honestly as you know how.  If one appears too difficult, skip over it and come back to it in a few years.  You will have two billion years to complete this test, providing some of our members of Mensa who work for Lawrence Livermore, do not first manage to blow us all to kingdom come. . .

1.  Since many of the most erudite members of our society of supposed cranial sagacity cannot even agree as to a definition of intelligence, let alone determine how to accurately measure brain acumen, is it fair for the Mensa Society to ostracize those who do not register in the top percentile of our completely theoretical, wholly assumptive and entirely biased measurement of human intellectual ability?

2.  Name three ways that the Mensa Society is different than the Ku Klux Klan regarding the time-honored practice of human segregation.

3.  Okay, try to name at least one.  
[ HINT:  Mensa Society members do not, as a rule burn crosses because we, as a rule, do not believe in God and/or religion, except of course, the conservative fundamental religion of Natural Selectionism by random chance mutation. ]

4.  Should individuals who do not believe in God because they cannot actually see God, yet continue to believe in the existence of black holes and invisible light based on far less physical evidence, ¹  be accurately described as:  A) Sincere;  B) Intelligent;  C) Wise;  D) Honest;  E) All of the above;   F) Some of the above;  G) None of the above;  H) An aberrant mutational creation of the narrow-minded conservative religion of Natural Selectionism?

5.  Should an educator who teaches our children that the "grand design" of the universe came about by purely accidental events of random chance without any help from a Grand Designer be:  A) Confined in a state mental institution; B) Confined in a federal prison institution;  C) Confined in the basement of a university ivory tower institution;  D) Confined in all three institutions simultaneously?  E) Banished beyond the event horizon of a black hole located in the center of a galaxy far, far away?

6.  Even though after over 5,000 years of civilized education, our species continues to rape, murder and molest its own kind, both individually and in mass wholesale quantities and even though it would seem, some of our most 'educated ' members tend to contribute significantly to this general ongoing devastation,* should a person who still believes that education is the answer to humanity's problems be:  A) Confined in a state mental institution;  B) Confined in a federal prison institution;  C) Confined in the basement of a university ivory tower institution;  D) Confined in all three institutions simultaneously?  E) Banished beyond the event horizon of a black hole located in the center of a galaxy far, far away?

7.  Should individuals such as those described in numbers 4, 5 and 6 above be allowed to join the Mensa Society?  Should they be allowed in any society? Explain in detail why or why not.

8.  Should the common masses believe them?  Should they trust them with their children's education?  Should they allow them anywhere near their children? Explain in detail why or why not.

9.  If survival of the fittest, meaning those able to best reproduce, is the fundamental motivational drive of our species, who then, is more intelligent:  A) Marilyn Vos Savant;  B) The late Carl Sagan;  C) A retired illiterate Bolivian Catholic farmer, whose 26 children, 138 grandchildren and 362 great-grand children total more than several times the combined offspring of Savant and Sagan and perhaps even, the entire Mensa Society combined?

10.  If survival of the fittest is extended to mean also those best able to physically adapt and survive, who then, is more intelligent:  A) Marilyn Vos Savant;  B) The late Carl Sagan;  C) A typical motel maid?  D) A typical garbage collector;  E) A champion professional boxer;  F) A totally uneducated native Aborigine living in the Australian Outback, who is able to survive indefinitely where no apparent food or water exists?

11.  If members of the Mensa Society really are illuminated Tritons among mere minnows of brainpower functionary preponderance, primus inter pares, nulli secundus and undisputed 'crackerjackary' of the modern cranial crop of enlightened savants, why haven't they found the cure for rape, murder, war and devastating disease?  Why are they not at least trying to find the cure for rape, murder, war and devastating disease, instead of wasting valuable time inventing worthless I.Q. tests and polluting the globe with some vainly fanciful and completely erroneous conclusion of entirely imagined intellectual superiority?

12. Why do the bikers of America consistently raise far more money for charity than the Christian Coalition and the Mensa Society combined?  A) Because bikers individually are smarter than the Coalition and Mensa combined.  B) Because bikers individually are wiser than the Coalition and Mensa combined. C) Because bikers individually are both smarter and wiser than the Coalition and Mensa combined.  D) Because bikers combined are more oriented towards love and peace than Coalition and Mensa members individually.

SPECIAL ESSAY QUESTION:  Is it fair to make sport of a society of vain, egotistical, self-aggrandizing puffed-up individuals of self-appointed, shallow-minded cranial buffoonery, who would, in some self-serving sham of intellectual arrogance and pretense, claim that they are somehow better than the average motel maid or garbage collector? **  Why not? *** ****

$10,000 Reward Challenge

Southern Poverty Law Center

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

DEDICATED TO:  Socrates and the Greeks of old, who would undoubtedly laugh to utter scorn our modern convoluted concepts of 'intelligence' and to Dorothea Dix , who dedicated her life to the better treatment of the mentally ill (one is left wondering if she could have helped these folks).


1. See Like a Tree Planted for information regarding comparative evidence.

*FootNote:  In modern society's rush to embrace the entirely unproven assumption that education is the salvation of our species, one tends to forget that it takes those among us of certain 'education' and 'intelligence' to design machine guns, nuclear bombs and space-based laser weapons and likewise, modern-day terrorists who successfully blow up buildings necessarily need a certain amount of technical expertise.  There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that by educating the farmer's daughter, that either his daughter or her children will be any less likely to steal or murder, neither has modern intellectualism yet been able to demonstrate that individuals who score high on certain methods of testing are ultimately, of any greater (or less) positive value to humanity than those who do not.  Of course, certain members of the Mensa Society may wish to argue indefinitely as to what would define "positive value"; apparently they can think of nothing better to do with their time.  (CLUE: Positive value means "help", as in Mother Teresa; negative value means "hurt", as in Adolph Hitler--see note below.)

**FootNote II:  A few years ago, a certain member of the Mensa Society proposed that maybe we ('we' one would suppose, meaning enlightened beacons of knowledge such as himself) should conduct a sort of 'purification' of the human species by weeding out and eliminating those falling below a certain I.Q. level.  Although this Hitlerian proposal was later disavowed by most of his comrades in cerebral arms, this type of convoluted reasoning brings to light the incredible ends that can eventually result from the unjustifiable means of promoting superiority based on I.Q., using testing methods of highly debatable assumptions and largely, non-confirmable conclusions.  Imagine how many children have been permanently damaged by being labeled as 'slow' or 'stupid' among their peers and likewise, how many young souls have been destroyed by their own conceit of egotism based on some misguided perception of supposed superiority.  To be fair, this certain member of this certain highly discriminatory society of mental malfeasance may have had an idea worthy of consideration after all.  Perhaps if we pruned some of the so-called intellectual elite from our species and replaced them with a few farmers, textile workers and shoemakers, we would have the justifiable end result of more food and clothing for the needy and less Texas 'cowpie' to wipe off of the soles of our boots supplied by the ever-valuable shoemaker.

***FootNote III:  Not surprisingly, the online test that Mensa offers, ostensibly to help discern one's intellective ability, does not contain a single question regarding how to solve pollution, war, murder, rape, prejudice or any of the other major ills of our modern species, neither does it harbor a single thought on how to improve human motivation and/or how to encourage love, peace, goodwill and Human and Civil Rights.  Apparently the discursive denizens of the Mensa ivory-towered hotel for the erudite illuminati have not considered whether or not any of this has anything to do with intelligence, which kind of provides the rest of us a clue or two as to the tear-puddle depth of their own ill-judged illusory capacity towards perspicacious reasoning. [ repeated from Theory of Intelligence ]

****FootNote IV:  Related articles include Theory of Intelligence, The Myth of Modern Science, The Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Eve's Apple, Of God and Monkey Business, Like a Tree Planted, Random Chance A-Z Primer of Science and the Bible, Notes on the Great War and Fleeing Sodom.


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