A Theory of Root Cause and Solution

 "Slavery chain done broke at last,
  Broke at last, broke at last...

        A view shared by many modern activists is that capitalism, free enterprise, multi-national corporations and globalization are the primary cause of the current global Human Rights problem and that by striving to change or eliminate these, the root problem of what ills the modern world is being addressed.  This is a rather unfortunate and historically myopic view, reminiscent of early “class struggle” Marxists who soon resorted to violence as a means to achieve rather questionable ends.  And like these often brutal early Marxists, modern anarchists who resort to violence to solve the problem are walking upside down and backwards, adding to rather than correcting, both the immediate and long-term Human Rights problem.  Violent revolution, including our own American revolution, becomes a breeding ground for poverty, disease, starvation and often mass oppression leading to future violence.

        Large, publicly traded corporations are created by individuals or groups of individuals, operated by individuals and made up of individual and/or group investors.  These business enterprises are deliberately structured to be empowered by individual (or group) investor greed.  For example, a theorized ‘need’ for offering salaries much higher than is necessary to secure competent leadership (often resulting in corrupt and entirely incompetent leadership), lowering wages more than is fair and equitable and scaling back of often hard fought for benefits, is sold to stockholders as being in the best interest of the bottom-line market value and thus, in the best economic interests of individual investors.  Likewise, major political and corporate exploitation of third-world nations is rooted in the individual and joint greed of corporate investors and others who stand to profit from such exploitation.  More than just investor greed, corporations are driven by the greed of all those involved, including individuals outside the enterprise itself who profit indirectly from it.

        If one examines “the course of human events” closely, it can correctly be surmised that the “root” cause of humanity’s problems comes from individual human greed and similar negative individual motivation.  The Marx/Engles view of history being a “class” struggle ¹  does not address the root problem and is thus fundamentally flawed from a true historical perspective (see Gallo Brothers for more details).  So-called “classes” of people, unions, corporations and political groups are made up of individuals who support the particular group or organizational position based on their own individual needs, greed and desires and thus, an apparent “class struggle” in reality, is an extension of individual motivation.  Likewise, nations engage in wars of aggression, not because capitalism or classes of society are at root cause, but because individual members of a society are individually convinced that it is in their own economic survival best interest.  War, poverty, starvation and lack of Human and Civil Rights have existed on our planet since long before the rise of modern capitalism, free enterprise and multi-national corporation avarice, thus the root problem obviously goes deeper than this.

        Junior Bush and the neo-conservative genocidal maniacs of modern-day America could not have recently effectively gone to war against Iraq without the individual support of individual troops and a certain percentage of individual citizens within the U.S. population, each lending support for their own personal motives, whatever they individually may have been.  While it is true that corrupt leaders often provoke war, using all manner of religious, social and political means to justify, often as not, entirely ludicrous ends, very rare indeed is a battle only engaged in by these same unscrupulous miscreants of power.  And though a few iniquitous elitist powerbrokers may initiate nefarious policies of global genocidal oppression, it takes a very great many individuals operating from individual personal motivations of survival, desire and greed to develop these policies into a multi-national exploitive reality.

        No economic or political organization and no political or social cause exists unto itself but rather, individual members power a collective agenda.  A workers’ strike has no hope of succeeding if individual workers do not perceive a personal benefit.  And similarly, a corporation will not exploit workers if doing so is not believed to be in the economic best interest of those who run the corporation and who in turn, must answer (at least theoretically) to individuals who collectively through purchase or other allotment of shares, own the corporation.  Companies have often been known to appear benevolent, offering both higher wages and improved benefits, if doing so is perceived to be in the overall economic best interest of the immediate company and/or larger corporate entity.  Non-unionized business enterprises frequently offer ‘carrots’ of appeasement to workers in order to discourage them from organizing and historically in the United States, concessions such as the forty-hour workweek, minimum wage, workers compensation and proscribed holidays have been grudgingly capitulated to by greedy capitalist masters as necessary concessions to avoid profit-crippling strikes and outright revolution.

        It is important to understand that so-called workers ‘rights’ and benefits were not volunteered by American capitalists or their political stooges (including several U.S. presidents) without extreme and often violent worker coercive persuasion over a great many years of prolonged strikes and similar worker revolts.  Modern supply-side Adam Smith inspired economic pipe dreams of unencumbered markets freely moving toward the common good are clearly and fundamentally, based on outright lies and not very well-masked, deliberate capitalist deception (again, see Gallo Brothers for more information.  Those who proclaim the twisted gospel of modern supply-side economic theory are generally those who have a lot to gain from its acceptance, both economically and politically.

        Large political and other problems are historically created gradually stemming from negative individual leading to negative group motivation, in turn leading to negative individual and group action.  The correct root solution to humanity’s problems becomes, by historical default, changing individual negative motivation towards positive motivation.  This is not at all a new theory, as it was first stated over two thousand years ago by Jesus, historically the founder of Human and Civil Rights and not at all, the founder of Christianity or of any other religious movement; virtually everything Jesus said and did goes directly to human motivation, is community oriented, has little to do with modern conceptions of religion and is the antithesis of modern Christianity (see Revolution for more information).  Contrary to many current views painted of him, Jesus was extremely political, the correct political (and other) solution from true perspective being to center on and change individual motivation.  That is, if we wish to constructively change the extensive political and social problem plaguing our planet today, the root cause of negative individual human motivation leading to negative action must be addressed at the fundamental individual level.

        This correct political theory is seen as successfully initiated by early followers of Jesus, who practiced extreme communism, having no law “but to love one another”, sharing all things in common, allotting to each according to their need and giving the excess to the poor (which since they were mostly very poor, was a true sacrifice). ²   This was a way of life foreign to their culture, was viewed as a severe threat to the established religious and political order and thus, they were thrown to the lions accordingly.  The arising extended movement, called “The Way” by those who joined (it was not called “Christianity” by them, nor did these early followers view themselves as founders of a religion ), ³  represents extreme far-left radicalism even by modern liberal activist cooperative standards.  It has thus been historically demonstrated that if people practice the Human Rights foundation axiom set down by Jesus to treat other people as we ourselves wish to be treated, established ways of living will change, including non-violent elimination of the entire idea of capitalist oppression based on individual gain and private property ownership.  In practicing The Way, economic oppression is dealt with from the root cause up and thus, is overcome with love and peaceful unselfish collective co-existence. It is important to note that claiming to be a follower of Jesus and actually practicing “The Way” are today usually two entirely different realities; the modern 21st Century world has plenty of examples of the former and virtually no examples of the latter.

        Lenin and the Communist party overthrew a very oppressive capitalist Czarist system.  It did not take long for one corrupt system to be replaced by another, where even without capitalism and free enterprise to aggravate the Human Rights problem, people of power within the Communist political structure began, similar to their counterparts of capitalistic excess in Europe and America, exploiting the mass population for their own individual benefit, comfort and excess.  Thus the root problem is exposed as going deeper than simply changing an oppressive capitalist or other system.  Quite obviously, changing a corrupt system does not by itself, change the corrupt people who invented and supported it, neither does it change negative individual motivation leading to group oppression based on irrational disparagement of others regarding sex, color, intelligence or other perceived difference and neither does it prevent waste, laziness, murder, theft and rape by individuals within a perceived economic “class”.

        In attacking the root cause of the problem the following diverse modern individuals are perhaps, good examples of practicing the same root solution: Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Albert Schweitzer, Nelson Mandela, Helen Keller, John Steinbeck, Jimmy Carter, Pete Seeger, Jacques Cousteau, Jonas Salk, Buffy Saint-Marie, Eleanor Roosevelt, Joan Baez and Cesar Chavez.  It is a serious error to criticize one type of outreach that these names represent while supporting the other, as they all have their valid place.  As Mother Teresa said, “you can do some things and I can do some things”, borrowing from Paul in the New Testament who taught that within an effective body of activism, the hand cannot say it has no need of the foot.
4 Modern activists who promote otherwise, claiming those who actually help other people are not correct because they are not attacking oppressive systems (which they naively assume to be the root cause of the problem), are blindly stepping on their own foot, are fundamentally wrong from true historical perspective and are anti-Human Rights and anti-Civil Rights.

        As discussed in Notes on the Great War and Influence, helping other people greatly inspires others to do likewise.  Thus, coming to the aid of the less fortunate not only directly aids the people who are actually helped but also, helping others works to change individual negative motivation, the root cause of the problem, encouraging others by example to practice Human Rights; that is, to treat people as we also, wish to be treated.  This is the foundation of Human and Civil Rights and the fundamental theory of The Way, the true root solution to the many grievous problems that plague our fragile planetary home. Believing in and claiming to stand for the great and just cause of Human and Civil Rights without practicing treating others as we ourselves wish to be treated in the reality of our daily lives is no better than a sham conservative religion supposedly based on the founder of Human Rights, for as wise James of old clearly outlined and defined, faith without works, is most assuredly dead
5  (see also Key of History). *

 ...Slavery chain done broke at last,
    Goin' to praise God till I die."

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DEDICATED TO:   Thomas Edison, a rather remarkable individual who, though himself being severely hearing disabled, spent a lifetime attempting to help the hearing impaired and in the process, became perhaps human (and certainly American) history’s greatest inventor; when Edison died, the New York Times devoted four pages to his obituary, more space than for most presidents, popes and other personages of world renown.  Also dedicated to actors Sidney Poitier, man of integrity and far reaching influence and Michael J. Fox, in honor of the very many fine celebrities who devote time and effort to a great many worthwhile causes. As only a few modern activists seem to fully understand, people from all walks of life, the wealthy, the working class and the poor, must needs work together if we expect to achieve any semblance of peace and social justice in the modern world reality; for united we stand and most assuredly, divided We The People of Planet Earth will fall.


1. Frederick Engles (German; Friedrich), sometimes considered the ‘brains’ behind Karl Marx, was on the right track regarding his insistence of human history being an economic struggle, but his thesis of class struggle is fundamentally flawed, as it does not expose the root causation of individual negative motivation.  And the insinuation by Marx of violence being necessary to gain political and social progress clearly has no historical validity.  Historically, violence invariably begets more violence, as seen in our own brief American history of war after war after war, including the American Civil War emerging as a direct reciprocation of the Revolutionary War victors failings to abolish what soon became governmentally sanctioned human economic and literal bondage (including both literal slaves and the severely overworked, poorly fed and under paid working masses).  It is no more fair or accurate to blame Marxism and Frederick Engles (or Marx) for the rise of the grossly imperfect Soviet Union than it is to blame democracy and Benjamin Franklin, probably a genuinely fair-minded individual, for the rise of modern neo-conservative supply-side crass class capitalism.

2. Acts 2:44-46 -- The idea of sharing all things in common is not historically unique to the early followers of Jesus.  Some North American Indian tribes practiced extreme communism as well, a few isolated tribes actually having no word or concept of the idea of “mine” in their language.  However what may be unique to early adherents of The Way is the fact that within a single generation, they did an about-face from one way of life to another, obviously influenced to the extreme by the persuasive personal presence and foundational Human Rights teaching of Jesus.  If all of this sounds rather foreign to modern day individuals familiar with Western Christianity, suffice it to say that there can be little historical doubt that if Jesus were walking the streets of London and New York today teaching the same radical ideas that he did in 1st Century Palestine, modern conservative Christians would be loudly calling for his crucifixion.

3. Paul and the early followers of Jesus referred to themselves as followers of “The Way”; the early movement is referred to as “the way” at least five times in the book of Acts alone.  The word “Christian” is found three times in the New Testament, each time apparently referring to what people outside the movement of The Way called those inside.  Christian appears to have been a derogatory term similar to modern words of degradation such as “nigger”, “kike” “coolie”, “redskin” and “squaw” (and even “hippie”) and was not in reference to an established religion but rather, referenced what must have appeared to outsiders living in that historical timeframe to be a very strange group of people who actually believed in forsaking violence and abandoning the idea of personal property ownership.  As noted in The Greatest American; FootNote, the word church itself apparently derives from an original term referring to a gathering of the common people for political or social cause and was adopted by members of The Way to define both individual groupings within each individual community, each community itself and all of the early communities as a singular whole.  This adoption of “church” clearly indicates that the original followers of The Way viewed themselves as a socio-political movement.  Original adherents of The Way eventually practiced extreme freedom from societal and religious rules and traditions (though many members were slow to give up certain ingrained practices) and apparently viewed themselves as establishing a new way of life, free from traditional laws, rules and regulations and grounded in the basic Human Rights axiom of loving one another.  In this view, most civil laws are obeyed out of a desire to live in peace and out of respect for the rights of others, but religious laws, rules and customs, self-help and similar rudimentary philosophies and traditions and other concepts that get in the way of personal freedom are counted “as dung” (i.e., perceived as so much bullshit).
        Though the terms Human Rights and Civil Rights are of relative recent invention, the fundamental idea of loving one another as being the defining sum of what matters traces directly to Jesus, who is the only known historical person of note to place such an all-important emphasis on treating others as we ourselves wish to be treated.  Similar ideas (but not all-encompassing emphasis) abound throughout the historical record of civilization, both before and after Jesus, indicating that the basic concept of Human Rights is fundamental to the conscience of the human species, helping to define what is “good” (positive for our species) as opposed to what is “evil” (negative for our species and everything else on our planet, extending to our planet itself as a whole).  (See also Revolution for more information.) Modern theory of evolution by Natural Selection has no valid explanation for the existence of this decidedly human concept of Human Rights, for the existence of conscience itself or for the existence of concepts such as good and evil, nor does it satisfy any rational explanation for why our species needs to be taught the necessity of Human Rights as opposed to naturally practicing such from birth, that is, if indeed the idea of Human Rights is positive for our species.  If the concept of Human Rights is not positive for our species, then modern scientific theory has no valid explanation for why the concept exists at all (sort of like being caught between a sedimentary rock and a primordial hard place---see Of God and Monkey Business for more information).
        After the death of the original followers of Jesus, the “church” and the sharing-all-things-in-common mandate of The Way appears to have gradually deformed into what in the modern 21st Century is truly a putrid historical perversion of original intention if there ever was one.  As Jesus clearly taught, the defining root of Human and Civil Rights corruption traces directly to individual human greed and similar negative motivation, clearly defined today in warmongering, Bible-thumping, capitalism and free enterprise espousing Christian conservative fundamentalism, a precise mirror-opposite of the extremely liberal forgiving and entirely communistic Jesus.  To which all the “sinners and common people” of modern-day America say “amen” before vomiting profusely, accordingly.  (See also House of Ill-Repute and Judas for more information).

4. I Corinthians 12:12-26.

5. If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food and one of you says to them, "Depart in peace, be warmed and filled," but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit?  Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.  --James 2: 15-17.

*FootNote:  There is no intention to imply here that peaceful changes of negative governmental and economic structure are not important, as this book frequently validates the non-violent efforts of Gandhi, King, Chavez and others.  Rather, if one wishes to truly change our world toward the positive good, then it is logically first necessary to correctly understand the fundamental problem.  And as both Jesus and Gandhi insisted, unless we first address our own personal negative motivations, we cannot have much hope of improving on the extended collective problem of our immediate, national or world community, for where our “heart is, there will [our] treasure be also”).  It is ludicrous for those attempting to help other people to criticize those who are trying to peacefully change negative systems; i.e., as exemplified by Mohandas K. Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. and it is considerably more absurd for those protesting against oppressive systems to claim that ‘hands-on’ helping of other people is not the correct and viable solution; i.e., as literally practiced by Mother Teresa and Albert Schweitzer---Schweitzer also worked considerably to advance positive political and social theory).  (Related information can be found in Revolution, Key of History, Influence, Notes on the Great War, Solomon’s Song and Physician---for more information on economic oppression, struggle and theory, see Gallo Brothers and Conspiracy Theory.)


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