"...The city fathers they're trying to endorse
  The reincarnation of Paul Revere's horse
  But the town has no need to be nervous...

        Here is a somewhat dubious story reported word for word exactly as was sworn to under oath, or rather, sworn regarding to with several oaths.  In fact, some may consider it the best tall tale of the West told in quite some time, except for the fact that it is a true story rather than a mere fable of fanciful invention, reported word for word fairly much and for the most part, exactly as it happened. . .

        Located in downtown Prescott, Arizona on certain county property is what the somewhat beleaguered locals call "The Square", which more or less aptly defines the cultural reality of the surrounding area in general and the editorial slant of the daily newspaper of Prescott in particular (beleaguered, that is, by a constant barrage of repulsive conservative fundamentalist religious and/or political far-right propaganda). ¹  In the center of this grass-covered downtown square-block area is located the Yavapai County courthouse, not far from which are posted typical (as in a great many U.S. cities and counties) blatantly unconstitutional signs forbidding county tax payers to gather for political or other cause without first purchasing a permit. ²  These same county grounds contain a World War II statue memorial on the West side in front of the courthouse and another World War II flagpole and bronze plaque memorial in front on the Northeast side.  Apparently those who pretend to conscientiously govern Yavapai County haven’t a clue as to why a great many soldiers gave their lives in that and other bitter wars; that is, at least theoretically, to protect freedom of public expression, among other freedoms theoretically guaranteed citizens of the United States.

        In front of the courthouse steps on the North side of The Square, there is located a well-worn open performance platform stage which probably has not known paint since prior to the war alluded to above.  Having no vertical backing or rooftop enclosure and unlike on the South courthouse side, where there is a bronze casting of a more fortunate horse who has lost it’s bothersome human cargo, a rather large and artistically obscene statue of a horse with rider is constantly in audience view directly behind the open stage.  When entertaining on this mostly paint-less and entirely weather-scarred platform, performers face the opposite direction of the horse, so mainly what one sees in the background is a large horse's ass.  And whether or not pre-Merle Haggard cowboy-music is the preferred choice of any given performance seems to not much matter to county supervisors who rule over such astute artistic decisions.

        On Sunday, November 18th in the first year of the third millennium after the birth of one who never in a million years, intended to found Christianity or any other religion, a certain apparently radical leftist liberal pinko commie event unfolded on the grounds of this time-honored hallowed county property. Contained in the perverse pestilence-laden program and in total Sodomitic desecration of the Christian Sabbath, were various and sundry performances of questionable morality and dubious intent, interlaced with radical far-out leftist speeches of diverse and nefarious persuasion.  And toward late afternoon of that most dreadful and mournful day, a certain extreme left-wing paganistic revolutionary-type fanatical band of rebel-rousing hedonistic reactionary infidels blared out a woeful and most vilely concocted violent brew of demoniac heathenism from the above mentioned stage, in front and in full view of the above mentioned horse’s ass.

        Not surprisingly, it was soon exposed that this ragged collection of repulsive radical revolutionary and openly heretical infidels was held in high esteem by a rather large percentage of local high school and college-aged individuals.  Meaning one would suppose, that they are somewhere to the far, far left of your regular everyday left-wing anarchistic militant extremists, playing very, very loud vibrations of lethally twisted satanic anti-social cacophony that only vaguely resemble the more traditional choir-like arrangements of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

        Well, to make a long story a little longer and a woeful story considerably sadder, located off to the left of the all-weathered performance platform, a somewhat distinctive red and black flag most rudely and crudely protruded from a county property pole, containing as it were, an anti-reptilian, anti-capitalism, anti-Christian, anti-Republican, anti-truth-justice-and-the-Bush-Junior-New-World-Disorder-Oilagarchy-warmongering-way diatribe of gross morose perversity, in outrageous large block letters of overt communistic influence, boldly stating:  "No WTO / No War!"  Apparently, some over zealous red-necked security-type person had unsuccessfully tried to have this flag removed from the area earlier in the day, ostensibly for fear it would cause some sort of violent negative backlash reaction from the county supervisor, certain city council members, conservative fundamentalist Christians, local members of the KKK and a few other consummate liars, personal freedom adulterers and fornicators of the truth.

        Fortunately, the sinful situation was well in hand for, in spite of the offending anti-globalization flag and the many truly offensive holiday shopping seasonal flags that were flapping proudly along side it in the brisk November breeze, a rather obnoxious and no-doubt extremely extreme radical voice from the far, far, very-far extreme radical far-out far-left, blurted out with utter disrespect and in total sacrilegious impiety, that all that was needed to complete this blessed virgin scenario of inspired insurrection would have been a signed photograph of our greedy little beady-eyed, corporate war-machine patronizing president pasted on the rear of the above mentioned horse. Apparently, the communists have invaded the City of Prescott and nothing will ever quite be the same, at least as was assumed by the red, white and blue ‘god-and-country’ revering local folk formerly as it were, to have once been.

        The above horrendous event was duly noted and recorded by the eyewitness testimony of one Richard Aberdeen, who some would most callously and disparagingly claim was instrumental in the organizing of this insidious hellish catastrophe.  But he has repeatedly and vehemently denied such ludicrous and baseless malicious libel and slander, under oath and with an abundance of profuse and licentious oaths.

 ...Mama's in the fact'ry, she ain't got no shoes
    Daddy's in the alley he's lookin' for the fuse...
    [America’s in trouble] with the tombstone blues" ³

"The Square"

Project Aware Men's Shelter
Please Support:  215 1/2 W. Leroux / Prescott, AZ 86303

DEDICATED TO:  All of the fine musicians, speakers and other entertainers of the local Prescott area, who donated their time and talents to help orchestrate a most enjoyable and memorable November peace and justice event.


1. When asked by the author for their editorial stance regarding the posting of illegal unconstitutional signs on local county property (see below), The Daily Courier of Prescott, which constantly defends the 'right' of American citizens to harbor all manner of bazooka-type weaponry and roundly and soundly decries any perceived oppressive attempt at violation of Second Amendment rights supposedly guaranteed by the Constitution (which is debatable, see Letter From The Grave for more information), declined to comment, as well as declined to print an article regarding the alleged violations.  Apparently, editorial defense of the First Amendment could adversely affect advertising revenue from local down-town area merchants who of course, strongly support the posting of such signs.

2. The First Amendment to The Constitution Of The United States clearly grants all U.S. citizens the right to peaceably gather for any particular political or social cause---there is no stipulation regarding permits, public, courthouse and/or private land.  Notwithstanding, it is the regular practice among various states, counties and cities within our supposed Constitutionally protected society to routinely deny this right, both within governmental buildings and on the outside grounds thereof, as well as on numerous other public and private properties.  The reason this has become such a routine violation of our fundamental basic rights is because citizens who can afford a prominent Civil Rights attorney simply do not challenge such laws.  It is absolutely unconstitutional for a state or lower statute to require and/or to charge for, a permit to obtain what the Constitution already freely grants us and any competent attorney could win such a grievance in federal on up to the Supreme Court if necessary:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  And the Fourteenth Amendment is very clear that laws created by state and lower courts of venue cannot supersede what the Constitution stipulates to the contrary.
        Also, most counties and cities have laws on the books that prevent the handing out of literature without special permission; among places of restriction are shopping malls and other areas of business enterprise, religious and other organizational property and inside and on the grounds of public buildings, which ostensibly are owned by We The People.  Until there is a definite amendment made to the Constitution that specifies precisely when and where we are restricted from having freedom of speech and the press, every single one of these laws are completely and overtly, unconstitutional.  Traditional rulings notwithstanding, the Constitution makes no provision or stipulation regarding the restriction of freedom of the press or of speech in regards to either public or private property and until such time as there is a definite amendment clearly stating the contrary, private property is equally as open for free expression of our views as is public property.  As long as literature is not forced on persons (which is arguably an encroachment on another individual's personal freedom), all United States citizens have the unabridged Constitutional right to freely gather for cause to redress grievances and to distribute literature wherever and whenever we shall so choose to do so.  Current laws and regulations to the contrary are entirely illegal and without Constitutional merit whatsoever.  In particular, laws that restrict guaranteed Constitutional freedoms on government property and religious organizational tax-exempt property, should be vigorously challenged and otherwise, condemned and ignored.

3. From "Tombstone Blues" by Bob Dylan; Highway 61 Revisited (1965).


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