Richard Aberdeen

Abortion and Other Distortions

Adam and Eve's Apple

After the Gold Rush: A Song Sung Blue

A Trickle Down Theory

Charity Begins Today

Comes a Pale Horse

Conspiracy Theory

Death and Other Penalties

Fleeing Sodom: The Lost Art of the True Patriot

Gallo Brothers

Hero: A Theory of Just Measurement

Influence: A Song for Jerry's Kids

Key of History: Theory of Social Justice and Peace

Letter From The Grave

Manhood: A Junged-out Freudian Couch Analysis

Notes on the Great War: Of Bondage and Greatness

Of God and Monkey Business

Perspectives of a Very Great Light

Questions for God; by Naomi Rae Barnes, age nine

Random Chance A-Z Primer of Science and the Bible


Revolution -- Side B

Ronald and His Ray-Gun


Singing The John Birch Society Blues

Richard Aberdeen's $10,000 Reward Challenge

The Bible of History's Education

The Freedom of Amendment

The Mensa International Spastic Aptitude Test

The Myth of Modern Science

Theory of Intelligence

The Thirteen Commandments

The Tree of Knowledge

The Way: A Theory of Root Cause and Solution

The Worst Year that Ever Was

Trojan Horse of Prescott

Vision: Angel from Montgomery

We The People (What a Concept!)

Working Man's Cancer Sore