His suit is old and rumpled, his tie more often than not askew

His thick eyebrows twist forever upward like spires of Gothic cathedrals do

The way he slouches in his chair he probably never listened to his teacher

And he chose his profession wisely, his attitude not becoming your everyday      preacher

His brow is furrowed like a chiseled canyon that has been plowed by history's      great tide

As he scowls into the tv camera with that nasty look of jaded seasoned pride

And as he begins his weekly diatribe against those little things that cause us      such grief

We know the punch line will shortly follow, for he's to the point and thankfully,      brief

It's a fair question if he has ever smiled or had a single pleasant thing to say

But in spite of such vast shortcomings we all tune in and watch him anyway

He castigates freely without partiality, those sacrosanct enough to cross his      crinkled path

Self-serving politicians and greedy corporations are equally unsafe from his      glaring wrath

No one's quite certain how far to the right or left he sits in the capitol steeple

But beneath the ice-cold granite exterior no doubt beats a heart for we the      people

Some folks claim I'm quite insane, while most all the rest say I'm just plain      loony

But the only way I can justify watching primetime tv are those few minutes with      Andy Rooney

Center for Media and Democracy      Democracy Now!

DEDICATED TO:  Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite and Mike Wallace, in honor of Andy Rooney.  Also dedicated to longtime television broadcast journalists Larry King and Barbara Walters, who consistently present topical events of interest and in depth interviews of substance. *

*FootNote:  While it is indeed true that many of America’s seniors continue to work long past the standard retirement age of sixty-five and many others donate their time to a variety of worthy causes, our society as a whole continues to misuse and otherwise, abuse the collected wisdom of America’s most valuable resource, farming our seniors off to retirement communities in specified states and areas and encouraging them to take vacation cruises, play golf, shuffleboard and bingo, rather than to use their wisdom and talents to contribute positively towards America’s future.  Our hats go off to valuable members of our society such as those noted above, who continue to plow on long after others have conceded to the negative American societal indoctrination of intellectually reinforced contribution-less retirement.  Not only is our current conception of retirement a bad idea for society as a whole, it is extremely psychologically and emotionally destructive to a great many seniors thus indoctrinated.


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