No one can see a black hole, but there is evidence out in space

And no one can see a lepton though it leaves a photographic trace

We cannot see invisible light but music is heard on the radio

Yet the evidence of our Creator weighs in at a much greater ratio

Everywhere we look there is design from inside out to deepest space

Design indicates Designer, elementary logic makes the obvious case

As sure as a bottomless black hole fills with the brimstone fire of fate

All of our science dissolves into chaos if there is no God who can create

There’s evidence in the historical record that someone out there must care

Try Schweitzer, Gandhi and Teresa, of elementary science we must beware

Can the parasite inside the goldfish say there’s no child to clean the bowl?

Is there any hope for us Homo sapiens if there’s no God to save our soul?

And if there is no good and evil, then why is there both peace and war?

Why is Jimmy Carter not Adolph Hitler, can science answer us for sure?

Here’s a note from the prince of deception served up from a platter of lies

Someone claims he created scientists and I sure as hell can’t prove otherwise!


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Copyright © August 20th, 2003 by Richard Aberdeen.

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