"So much time to make up, everywhere you turn
  Time we have wasted on the way...

"Down with America!" "Burn the flag!"
Our class with one voice loudly sang
It was the year we lost our finest Kennedy
The year America lost her greatest King
"Damn the war!" "Hell no, we won't go!"
Our anger was rising to future tragedy at Kent State
And at the Chicago convention we were busy 'getting straight'
The class of '68

We were convinced we knew more than our fathers
Love was all we needed, we were certain we were right
We turned on, tuned in and dropped out
Our heroes and pop stars had all seen the light
We were quite young and na´ve in our innocence
It was before Iran-contra, Starwars and Watergate
But none of us were prepared for the lesson of that year
The class of '68

Getting high was cool, we tried breaking every rule
Now some of us are homeless, drugs and greed have their price
Some of us fought in the war, what for we're not sure
And some joined the system and tried being nice
Some of us found God and some found religion
And for some of us now, it's already too late
But some have brought change and some are still trying
The class of '68

We've done Comic Relief, Live-Aid and Farm-Aid
We made a contribution; it was the right thing to do
Now some of us have given in, though we know it's a sin
That our sick and our poor keep getting the screw
And some of us have joined the party down on Wall Street
Where politicians, thieves and vipers congregate
Where we bow to the Dow and worship fortunes of 500
The class of '68

So lift up wasted hearts toward our brothers in the street
Help them find food and shelter for their families
Let's form a coalition to change America's condition
Back to a proud nation in pursuit of true liberties
When our feet grow weary and our tired eyes dim
And we prepare to approach heaven's great gate
May we hold our heads high with Martin and Bobby
The class of '68

 ...So much water moving underneath the bridge
    Let the water come and carry us away" ¹

The Quincy Jones Listen Up Foundation

DEDICATED TO:  Hollywood agent Ken Kragen, who worked hard behind the scenes to make the hunger relief effort, We Are The World USA For Africa, become a cooperative reality.  Also dedicated to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who seems to be a very ethical and decent man---perhaps the finest Kennedy of them all.  We need individuals of this caliber in the highest places of our government.


1. "Wasted On The Way" by Graham Nash; Crosby, Stills & Nash, Daylight Again (1982).


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