You danced up on the silver screen all through the silent years

And during the first great war you helped to sooth our nightmare fears

In the midst of great depression and broken dreams of yesterday

You brought a smile to hollow faces and sunshine to our darkened way

On old-time radio, at the climax of a world-wide war to end all war

You eased our troubled hearts while death knocked at our very door

And when we invited you into our homes upon the advent of the tv screen

You brought to us a personal touch the world had never before seen

Between the bombs of Viet Nam and burning wrath of Montgomery's heat

You helped ease a generation's anger and steady America's fierce heartbeat

And when we lost our fine young Kennedys and our legendary King of peace

You brought life's smile back to a shattered nation where it seemed all hope      would cease

Oft times your gift is not admired by all, transpiring in colors of varying hue

But whether coming from the left or from the right or the bottom of the pile,

You wield your subtle art of healing that turns our long day bright from blue

When you are at your best your song is far more than just a casual joke

For it scorns our madness and our folly and somehow, plants a seed of hope

And whether in depression or recession or the springtime of na´ve youth

Your sword cuts through our vain hypocrisy of what is human and what is truth

Some may assume the art of forcing a smile is recent invention of history's      tired page

But since the nakedness of Adam's Eve, undoubtedly there's existed the      satirical sage

Throughout our days of vanity and evil, you've managed to give our weary      souls a bath

For you've conspired with love, God's greatest gift, to dry our tears and make      us laugh

Comic Relief      Dick Gregory Global Watch

DEDICATED TO:  Comedian and longtime political and social activist Dick Gregory and to Bob Zmuda, founder of Comic Relief, in honor of America's many fine comedians who have used their talents wisely to come to the aid of those least fortunate among us and to provide a little relief for us all from the cares and wear of our harried modern American existence.  Also dedicated to George Carlin, whose unique perspective on the seemingly simple and mundane, in the brilliant tradition of the people's prophet, Samuel Clemens, forces us all to think at least twice.


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