On the first day, God created heather and Scotland

             And the rest of the earth apparently as an afterthought

             And on the second day he divided the waters

             From the superior whiskey we’ve so often bought

             On the third day God created trees and fine herbs

             From which temptation’s apple so readily grew

             And on the fourth day he created the housefly

             For it seems he had nothing much better to do

             On the fifth day God created weeds and the Irish

             So we could curse him freely without hurting our conscience

             And for some reason he created fruits and vegetables

             Which forever in our heart has made absolutely no sense

             And on the sixth day, God created woman

             From our tired abdomen on to a pain in the rear-end

             But on the seventh day he fashioned that leaf called tobacco. . .

             And now the Scotsman believes that God is his friend


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