The eventual lot that happens to the common and the poor

                Is the conclusion of the famous and wealthy just the same

                For beyond the basic necessities of comfort to survive

                We in truth feel no better no matter how much it is we gain

                And though our record is one of war and rumor of war

                It makes no common sense to continue along this same path

                Whether we believe God or science or not much of either

                All evidence of history clearly states our souls need a bath

                We can swear within our head that we can help ourselves

                And that for our spec of a planet there could be no savior

                But no matter how careful and often our educatorís twist a lie

                They canít seem to find much of a cure for our bad behavior

                In between the sunrise and sunset of lifeís brief breath

                We daily choose to help or to hurt our fellow man

                And though it is probable we wonít solve every dilemma

                It is also true we must strive to do what we can

                Thereís a warning coming down from the Father of lights

                With whom there is no variance or shadow of turning

                Win or lose we all must choose who it is we will serve

                For waiting is a heaven of paradise and hell fires burning


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