Caught up in the naive confidence of inexperienced youth

I was certain what I wanted, never thought much 'bout the truth

I mainly tried doin' what I was supposed to, what all the rest thought that
     I should

But if they have life's answers it sure as hell fooled someone they nailed
     to wood

So I studied up on science and philosophy, the ways of wily women and
     worldly men

Our species' dismal history and vain religions, Billy Graham and the Vatican

I found evolution's theory somehow left out the part where we all sinned

And now my life is just a vanity and a graspin' for the wind

So if by chance when you become of age you should chart a similar course

And end up like this old man, sufferin' from societal divorce

Just remember this sad lesson from one who once thought he knew
     what's true

Those damn preachers and educators may pretend but they know no more
     than the rest of us do

For those who cling to religion's restrictions and those who believe in
     education's cure

Tend to share a lot in common, lost in tired theories both narrow and obscure

And in the theatre of true reality what they promote realizes neither wine
     or bread

Nor does it in the very least bit change a single hair upon our head *

The ARC of the United States

DEDICATED TO:  James "The Amazing" Randi, who has made a profession out of questioning religious and paranormal superstition; not that one would want to fault him for doing society such a supreme favor, but it would be refreshing if he paid a little closer attention to the superstitions of modern science and education as well.

*FootNote:  In modern American universities, one can draft blistering attacks disputing the existence of God, one can write poetry using language that would cause even a biker to blush and one can describe in detail, some real or imagined hardcore sexual experience; this in the name of freedom.  But let one attempt to debate the merits of modern evolutionary theory and modern education and then a whole new meaning to the word censorship opens to a black hole window of intellectual religionist superstition.  The author is speaking from personal experience, as he was asked to withdraw from Mt. Sac junior college in Southern California for writing the above poem and another discussing evidence of God in nature as opposed to the current 'scientific' juvenile delinquent mythology of self-organizing Designer-less Grand Design.  It has been the author's similar experience with other American institutions of higher 'learning' as well. It would appear that modern educators and conservative fundamentalists are by-and-in-large, cut from the same rotten cloth of blind superstition, tightly woven in a narrow vise of shallow and binding convoluted mis-perspective, blended together with generous helpings of unfounded arrogance and immense ignorance.  (See The Myth of Modern Science, Of God and Monkey Business and The Tree of Knowledge for more information.)


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