Take away 9 billion from public hospitals

                 Take as many billion as we can from the poor

                 Tack on 120 billion at the generals’ request

                 See if we can launch the third world war

                 Borrow a few trillion dollars from our nation’s future

                 Who cares if our grandchildren get the screw?

                 Ring the whole damn planet with Armageddon’s lasers

                 And paint them all red, white and blue

                 Sprinkle some crumbs among the common working-class

                 So what if fuel and utility costs are going up?

                 Give the rich man a few rebate millions in his hand

                 For a brand new yacht so he can win the World Cup

                 Forget treaties that took 30 years of diplomatic tears

                 And ignore our planet as her temperature is stoked

                 Forget Alaskan preservation, ‘big-oil’ has a reservation

                 We’re more concerned if christian children haven’t smoked

                 Waste our Sunday of rest at the fundamental church

                 Belt out our battle-hymns of patriotic hits

                 Bow down to our plastic god of stain-glass morality reward

                 Thank God!  We’ve covered the naked statue’s tits


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