Though those in charge of our nationís corporations

                 Seem to be forever in the job elimination business

                 They themselves continue to collect a fat company check

                 Their grotesque salaries arenít shy even a few cents

                 And though Jerry Kidís continue to endure much pain

                 And homeless war veterans lie in Washingtonís street

                 It would seem our fat representatives of Capitol Hill

                 Continue to have a little more than just enough to eat

                 And though state education boardsí blind presidents

                 Are forever begging us to vote to raise our own taxes

                 When they cut education funding for handicapped children

                 Their own wages somehow escape the pruning axes

                 So hereís to a unanimous vote from we the people

                 Coming from the poor and common peopleís page

                 Until they figure out how we can have the bare basics

                 Let the bastardís all earn minimum wage!


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Copyright © August 20th, 2003 by Richard Aberdeen.

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