by Robert G. Fuchs

My name is Robert Fuchs, that does NOT rhyme with ducks

Going through life with a name like Robert Fuchs truly sucks

My schoolteachers called me Robert, my friends dub me plain Bob

Try having a name like mine when applying for a preacherís job

When strangers ask who lives in the house at the end of our lane

My neighbors pretend that they donít even know my true name

Yesterday at the cafť, the waiter trying hard was hardly able

To keep from laughing while appointing Fuch head of the table

When he paused for the expected tip, I just wished him good luck

Quite certain from me he was not likely to receive a single buck

For I have no doubt he on purpose rhymed it with chicken cluck

And deliberately dragged my good name down in the dirty muck

Someday things will be different and there will be no more rebukes

When I place my hand on the Bible, swearing in as President Fuchs


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