From the scrolls of world confusion comes this gift of Greek philosophy

Logos; what is really true, as opposed to what is only imagined to be

Perhaps the hardest thing to convince those of religionís bent to comprehend

Is that if we uphold societyís superstition our nightmare days will never end

For irregardless of what we believe, what is true remains but the same

And if we accept as fact what the priest says we have only ourselves to blame

It would seem true faith is based on evidence of what happens in our reality

For I find it easier not to be such a liar if I only believe what works for me

And as years of tears merge into darkness past I have uncovered this
     simple clue

That the majority of my faith is based on what I no longer believe to be true

Now it seems this sore travail has been given to us children of vexationís sea

That we should learn from the sins of our fathers how it is we wish not to be

And it appears self-righteous preachers and educators never really quite

A Goddamn thing about the reason why five-inch nails went in Romanwood


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