Not far from our beloved bonnie Isle of heathery paradise

    'Twould be just our dreadful luck, lowland of the vile Irish lies

    Who drown bad whiskey in caffeine’s cup of the uncouth barbarian

    Without repentance from such depravity of Presbyterian-less sin

    While in our bonnie land o’ grace, the pride of our fearless clan

    Imbibe in rounds of fair heaven that clearly set us apart from such heathen

    And as those savage Irish infidels of miscreant Catholic idolatry

    Drown their contemptible wretched brew in a full cup of coffee iniquity

    The separation of cultured gentlemen becomes quite plain for all to see

    For the refined Scotsman in the best whiskey, tosses in a wee bit o’ tea


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Copyright © August 20th, 2003 by Richard Aberdeen.

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