"Did you ever see a robin weep, when leaves began to die...

Conservatives and liberals, they seem about the same to me
Both try to convert me to a narrow vision within their vice of vanity
And educators of untried deduction want me to somehow behave
Accepting foolish presumption as gospel from the cradle to my grave
Their hollow theory of speculation affords no salvation or peace of mind
All hope of freedom remains shackled in restrictive chains that bind

They call me Maverick, the black sheep of their sick society
Because I don’t worship their god of science or sad religion of hypocrisy
I won’t bow to their stain glass idols, nor accept their intellectual cure
Nor do I blindly choose to hop on their graveyard train of bull manure
For I am reason’s square peg question that won’t fit in their shallow hole
Their trivial college of toothless knowledge offers no cure to save my soul

I bowed down to the Christian whore and drank from her diluted water
Then I went to the science store and was swallowed by confusion’s daughter
On a lonely barstool down on Main Street, I cried out from the gutter
“Is there a God in heaven up above and if so, what does it matter?”
And everywhere that I went looking for a reason and a rhyme
I found insanity’s empty plate and blood-filled cup of pilfered wine
And when the pied piper came marching blowing his tired funeral horn
I envied those already dead and felt sorry for those not already born
Between the lightning and the thunder stood death's angel of bottomless woe
Saying “welcome to my hole of no return here underneath suicide row”

Now, you who believe in religion or science, I may be kind and wish you luck
But you’re more than likely to get run over by the Babylon garbage truck
For to accept tradition without question is to say that we don’t want to know
And if we don’t care what’s true or false, we’ll reap the darkness that we sow
Now their superficial science and vain religion don't mean a goddamn thing
     to me
For if we are afraid of what’s really true, do we have any hope of being free?

 ...That means he's lost the will to live,
    I'm so lonesome I could cry ¹

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DEDICATED TO:  America's greatest author and maverick Samuel Clemens, who tried to demonstrate the madness and foolishness of our modern religious, political and intellectual folly of arrogant misassumption---not that we yet to this day, have bothered to listen very closely, if at all. . .  to multi award-winning American actor Hal Holbrook,*  who perhaps does Mark Twain better than Samuel Clemens ** himself and to maverick of country music Hank Williams, Jr.  Also dedicated to Juwan Howard and Michael Finley of the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team, who donate their time and talent off the court toward a large variety of worthwhile charitable endeavors.


1. "I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry" by Hank Williams (1949); in the author’s opinion, the very finest country song ever written. . .  by a long shot.

*FootNote:  "When you're old, like me, it's hard to evaluate properly because you get trapped in this whole business of being so much older and not wanting to see your way of life tremendously altered.  But in my view, the cynical disregard for honesty that has slipped into our way of life is awful. This machine [television], I think, has been the most powerful instrument of destruction I've seen in my lifetime.  --Hal Holbrook, commenting on the modern day American reality; from a recent interview by Andrew Ward in American Heritage magazine.

**FootNote II:  See also Magic Man.


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