Often proposed is this most foolish question in regards to the concept of

What kind of a God would allow his own son to suffer such a fate as

And though our species very clearly retains individual conscience of choice

Another most unwise supposition has at times uttered it's proud errant voice

If there be a God in the heavens of space then why is there such suffering
     and pain?

Yet those who ask seldom pause to consider whom they run over in pursuit of
     gold's gain

A human mother grieving at the painful and untimely manner of her only
     child's death

"If I could only have somehow traded places!" now remains her cry 'till her
     last breath

So our Father of love in heaven would have suffered less and held it a far
     smaller loss

If in place of his son he would have appeared and allowed himself to be nailed
     to the cross

For if all of the poetry and prose of history's page were collected on one
     great shelf

The entirety could not even begin to describe the grief Golgotha caused
     God himself

Can anything then but a plea for forgiveness from us be an honest cry?

For if we did these things in the greenwood, what will we now do in the dry? ¹

DEDICATED TO:  Peter, Paul and Mary of Israel. . .  Sunday morning very bright.


1. Luke 23:31 (paraphrase).  Concept of phrase inspired by the song "Greenwood" by Peter Yarrow; Peter, Paul & Mary, No Easy Walk To Freedom (1986).


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