( An Uneven Sonnet of Uncertain Measure )

The quality of modern education hath been entirely strained

It leaveth a lot to be desired by both the just and the unjust

For if one asketh American students of which subject be most distained

The invariable reply is "History" and second again, oft' times "English"

When education fails our future what court therefore, shall be held liable

If we teach a history of dates, geographic places and bloody battle facts

Falling short of wisdom's example of moral cultural heritage and the Bible

And leaving out ethical example of those who practice worthy humanitarian      acts?

Can we expect a new generation to love America both in the mind's eye and      heart's core

Without comprehension of Douglass and Steinbeck, Martin Luther King, Jr.,      Keller and Twain?

And if we offer no example for applied education of healing the sick and      helping the poor

Will our children promote peace's goodwill?  Will Planet Earth be sane or      insane?

"The quality of mercy is not strained, it droppeth as the gentle rain from      heaven . . ." ¹

Issuing from an ancient pen of William, trickling down through what we only      imagine to be education

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DEDICATED TO:  Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby, who have tried their best to further positive education in America.  The key to our future health and well-being is not more education.  The key is a nation of positively motivated citizens acting in ethical conscience from an upright heart.  To attempt to motivate we the people towards embracing Human Rights and Civil Rights is the beginning of true education and true patriotism.  An education system not solidly grounded on the foundation of Human and Civil Rights is a system devoted to producing puppets of greed and avarice, leading to all manner of global pollution, war and rumor of war, famine, depression and death. ²


1. From The Merchant Of Venice by William Shakespeare.

2. For more information, see The Tree of Knowledge.


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