Suppose you were a congressman and suppose you were an idiot
Suppose you were corrupted ‘till no one could tell the difference

Suppose you were a media pawn embedded in an illegal war
While hypocrites prayed on Capitol steps for blessings to outpour
Suppose you posed as a scientist and tried to prove there is no God
Would your insane theory make any sense or sound anything but odd?
Suppose you joined the ACLU and pretended to bleed red, white and blue
While doing your best to hide from God’s children every single thing that’s true
Suppose you were a tv preacher who stole from widows and the poor
Your own house was a sinking shambles though you claimed to know the door
And suppose you were a presidential pretender who wasn’t entirely elected
Who didn’t practice love or peace and whose lies were easily detected. . .

Suppose you lived in a country whose true colors had long since changed
From red and white to a twisted song sung blue in F Major deranged

Suppose you were a congressman and suppose your were an idiot
Suppose you were corrupted ‘till no one could tell the difference *

"There is no happiness for people at the expense of other people"
                                        -- Anwar Sadat

American Indian Heritage Foundation

Center for Community Change      Children's Hunger Fund

Doctors Without Borders

DEDICATED TO:  Makhpiya-Luta, the Anwar Sadat of the American Nations.  Also dedicated to activist, singer and songwriter Richie Havens; “Freedom, freedom”. . . America has strayed a long, long way from freedom’s home.

*FootNote:  Based on an original concept by Samuel Clemens; author of The Gilded Age and much of the rest in American literature that matters:  “Suppose you were a congressman and suppose you were an idiot, but I repeat myself.”


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