We are not a national football hero
                           we’re not a big-time Hollywood star

                      We’re not among the wealthy or the famous
                           and have never known the taste of caviar

                      We are the everyday working woman
                           and the ordinary working man

                      We don’t always do what we think right
                           but, by God, we do the best that we can

                      We are the common people and lately
                           it seems we have no common voice

                      Our vote that one time seemed to matter
                           is drowned in shallow sound-bite voice

                      The corporation lobby holds the power
                           Benedict Arnold’s in the Capitol tower

                      We can’t ignore your gilded greed much longer
                           we love our children, we have no choice

                      We want education with morality for our youth
                           we want health care and a decent job

                      And from the future of our children’s children
                           we want corrupt politicians to cease to rob

                      You claim your primary interest is our protection
                           from terrorism of a foreign shore

                      But you ignore problems within our own borders
                           disregard our sick and hinder our poor

                      The price for basic services keeps going up
                           you make no proposal for our health care

                      You pollute the planet of our children’s future
                           building weapons from funds that are not there

                      You sing your twisted praise to Jesus
                           while ignoring the people’s basic diseases

                      And bow to your big-oil, world bank war-machine
                           as if this somehow, our Creator pleases

                      Now, you can talk about Marx and Engels
                           and the unsound theories of Adam Smith

                      And you can blend your New World Order into
                           a synchronized hypocritical synthetic myth

                      But this lesson comes from a prophet long ago
                           who went up against established institution

                      If you don’t uphold interests of the common people
                           there will be revolution but no true solution


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