(A Fable of Alternate Theory)

                             On a far and high mountain
                             Above the mist and the rain
                             Stood the proud Sagittarius
                             A unicorn of great fame

                             From far down below
                             A faint cry was heard
                             The mighty white steed
                             Moved toward the distant word

                             With bright lightning speed
                             Toward the African savanna
                             Down the steep mountain slopes
                             To the home of Tahanna

                             Bending down at the knee
                             He gathered up the queen
                             And together they rode off
                             To a land never seen

                             They soon reached that land
                             Where the four rivers flow
                             A land of milk and honey
                             Where weeds never grow

                             A place of no death
                             No sickness or pain
                             A realm of great pleasure
                             Where knowledge is gain

                             Drinking from the cool river
                             Together they were freed
                             From the weight of life's sorrow
                             And the pain of life's greed

                             Through the canyon of eagles
                             They in awe made their way
                             To the king's paradise
                             Where they stayed for a day

                             In the presence of the master
                             Where the archangels sing
                             Where the stars and heavens bow
                             To the great and mighty king

                             Upon paying their homage
                             To the king and his father
                             They parted with rare wine
                             And what light they could gather

                             Swiftly the noble steed
                             With his African queen
                             Made the narrow way out
                             Of the land never seen

                             Returning the virgin queen
                             To her home in the plain
                             He left her forevermore
                             Never to return again

                             And from that simple place
                             The proud mother of us all
                             Gave birth to her children
                             The great and the small

                             On a far and high mountain
                             Above the mist and the rain
                             Stands the proud Sagittarius
                             A unicorn of great fame * **

Nelson Mandella Foundation

DEDICATED TO:  Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, friend of Africa and of Planet Earth, who in spite of modern science, somehow seems to have evolved a little beyond most of the rest of us.  For Brenda, old flames burn bright.

*The author once had an African-American friend named Tahanna.  According to her, Tahanna is an American Indian name meaning "swift horse".

**FootNote:  Perhaps no one but a child would believe this poem to be true.  Then again, no one in their right mind, especially a child, would believe that the universe and all its creation came about by self-designing processes without input from a Grand Designer.  It is perhaps no small wonder why Jesus seems to have preferred the company of children and the common people.  Their superstitions may have been less offensive to his intelligence than those of priests and the scientific selectively 'educated'.


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