"I", said the tree, planted in the earth
                "It is I", said the tree
                "Who is of the highest worth
                For my roots spread down deep
                My branches and leaves reach for the sun
                My trunk is a third, three parts blend together
                It is I who represents the Three-In-One"

                "No, it is I" said the bird, seated on the tree's limb
                "It is I", said the bird
                "Who is the true symbol of him
                My head is clothed in multi-brilliance of hue
                And my wings take me high just for the fun
                My body connects, interlacing three parts together
                And it is I who represents the Three-In-One"                

                "It is I", said the man resting under the tree
                "It is I", said the man
                Who is the image of the Three
                For I have a head that allows me to think
                Arms that can reach and legs that can run
                My torso holds me upright, three parts infused together
                "Truly, it is I who represents the Three-In-One"                

                "No, it is I", said the earth, on which the tree stood
                "It is I" said the earth
                "Who mirrors the just and the good
                My land brings forth abundance of food
                And my sky envelops all under the sun
                My rivers and oceans symphonize three parts together
                "Yes, it is I who represents the Three-In-One"

"It must be true there is no God", truly fools have said in their heart

The evidence is far beyond question, mirrored in the magnificence of
     creation art

Held up to the same scrutiny, all current theory that modern science believes

Would become lost in the cosmic sands of heaven's great star-filled galaxies

No matter how far we look out beyond or peer into the infinitely small

Of a certainty we must conclude that some great Someone designed it all

Our eyes, brain, limbs and fingers can work in conjunction quite disarmingly

To accurately shoot a bird out of the sky in split-second synchronized harmony

If there is no evil permeating the imperfection of earth's savage space

Would we just for insane sport, shoot the bird down in the first place?

And if a baboon threw a large pile of bricks a trillion times up in the air

Would they somehow once come down as a Taj Mahal or Times Square?

As invisible light and the rest of true science is but intuition of common sense

So is mirrored a Grand Designer of "grand design" infinitely small and

We must go by the logical evidence, of physical witness all true faith and
     science must be

To flee blind prejudice and embrace the evidence is the foundation for
     our humanity

As certain as there is a bottomless black hole of fiery star-remnant brimstone
     burning hell

So to deny the evidence of our Creator is to deny all history and science
     as well

Somehow an unschooled man barely thirty taught us all moral concepts
     deemed righteous and true

To say he was a great teacher but wrong about God and evil, leaves a whole
     lot of explaining to do

A same species that results in Jacques Cousteau still produces mass pollution
     and space-ray guns

And Mother Teresa and Adolf Hitler can be difficult explaining to a baboon's

There is no logical explanation of human activity if our base motivation be only
     survival of good

For why then would we destroy our finest teacher by driving five-inch nails in
     Roman wood?

Wherever we look there is evidence of three; on the land, in the air and the sea

We must consider all of the evidence if the truth is to have any hope of making
     us free

Shakespeare informs us mercy's quality is not strained, it seems to drop on our
     science and smile

DaVinci, Newton and Einstein agree it is only God's mind in the end that is

To question fundamental science theory is not to say that it is not in part true

But an accepted theory of true science must withstand history's test of why we
     do what we do

For if reproduction of our unique species is our only true motivating desire

Why do we consistently throughout history's record, forgo sex at a hint of
     gold's treasure?

And why does such a highly evolved species seek to maim, to kill and destroy

Without rational design or purpose save for an evil game of lunacy to enjoy?

Why are so many people reaching out for something that will fill us
     from beyond?

If there is a space in our souls that is empty, why isn't it filled by Natural
     Selection's magic wand?

Not to question what tradition holds most sacred is to divulge we do not care
     what is true

To not ask and to look and to knock is to deny what our conscience says we
     must do

And to arrive at any logical conclusion if there remain among us a dishonest

How can our science ever hope to be true if it fails to ask whether there be
     a Creator?

And how are we to educate our children and who in the end should be
     held liable?

Can human literature and history be comprehended if we allow no access to
     a Bible?

Will we still pretend there is no God when our planet’s Armageddon prophecy
     comes true

When our moon turns to blood and we drown in the flood of modern
     technology’s residue?

Can we depend on our science to save us when a third of our oceans become
     dry land

As we call for the rocks to fall on us and the trumpet announces our doom is
     at hand?

Then will our masters of science crawl out from their bio-terror corporation
     alliance hole

And somehow say they are sorry for teaching our children there is no God
     in control?

Now there are three who sit in the heavens:  Our Father, the Spirit and Logos
     called word

God damn our unfathomable ignorance!  May their song of good news forever
     and ever be heard. * ** ***

$10,000 Reward Challenge

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine

DEDICATED TO:  Albert Einstein, who did his best to convince us that science is for the betterment of humanity and not for the creation of weapons of mass destruction and to Stephen J. Hawking, one of human history's greatest scientists and a truly most remarkable human being.  "I want to know how God created the world.  I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element.  I want to know His thoughts, the rest are details." --Albert Einstein, who some modern intellectuals like to pretend, did not believe in a Creator.

*FootNote:  Inspired by Psalm 1, author unknown; Letter To The Romans, by Paul of Tarsus; Asimov On The Bible, by Isaac Asimov; Cosmos, by Carl Sagan; Letter To The Hebrews, author unknown and If Dogs Run Free, from New Morning by Bob Dylan.

**FootNote II:  For those who have not read the Bible very carefully, it may be of interest to note that the Bible agrees with modern verifiable scientific evidence, including that reproduction is a fundamental drive of our species.  The Biblical authors claim however, that irrational lust for wealth is also a fundamental drive of our species.  These two fundamental drives, clearly exposed in the historical record of our civilization, are entwined and overlaid in layers of complex human motivation and activity and cannot be easily separated as individual entities. This view of motivational duality adequately explains both the historical record and the current reality of our species---Selective-mutational self-organizing processes of Natural Selection devoid of a Creator fall very far short of any rational and satisfying explanation of the observable evidence.  (See also The Myth of Modern Science, Random Chance A-Z Primer of Science and the Bible and Of God and Monkey Business for more information.)

***FootNote III:  At, the Skeptics Society manifesto makes an unsupported juvenile attempt to dismiss the idea of the universe being created by equating such a logical conclusion with obvious illegitimate superstitions as follows:  "Some claims, such as water dowsing, ESP, and creationism, have been tested (and failed the tests) often enough that we can provisionally conclude that they are false."  Upon sending an email to Michael Shermer, the author of this skeptics manifesto, it was discovered that when asked, apparently he has no evidence to back up the claim that it has been "provisionally" proven "false" that the universe was created.  Ignoring an email of simple request for evidence to support such an illogical conclusion is provisionally proof enough that the Skeptics Society is itself, indulging in the inane monkey business of non-provable and entirely illogical, self-organizing universes of grand design somehow appearing all on their own without any input from a Grand Designer.  No true skeptic, in particular Socrates and the Greeks mentioned in this same manifesto of unabashed assumption, would entertain the incredible irrationality and highly laughable proposal that design happens all by itself, apart from a Designer.  It would appear that this society consists mainly of superstitious sheep gone astray from the legitimacy of true science based on the observable evidence, having fallen into a blind crevice of convoluted irrationality between the dogma of self deception and rationale of observable reality.  The claim of this manifesto to espouse the "scientific method" is no more believable than Pat Robertson's claim of being an advocate for the Creator (God help us in either case).  It would appear based on the observable evidence that it definitely pays to be skeptical in life. . . skeptical of the fundamentally wrong, skeptical of the scientifically myopic and skeptical of a society that pretends to be made up of skeptics.


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