[ country, country-rock, Americana ]

                       There's an old broken plow by an old beat up barn
                       With an old rusty roof on an old back road farm
                       There's a tired old man, staring out into space
                       Wiping away the tears from his old weathered face

                              He's America's farmer, that's his empty barn
                              And that's his fourth generation family farm
                              It gets harder to live off the land each day
                              As America's family farm fades away

                       There's a decorated soldier with an old rusty cart
                       Sorting through old food behind an old grocery mart
                       Another homeless veteran in the wrong time and place
                       Wiping away the tears from his cold weathered face

                              He's America's soldier, trying to stay warm
                              And he was raised in a Heartland family home
                              Their farm foreclosed and now he's stranded in LA
                              As America's family farm fades away

                       We used to walk to the old wood school
                       When family farms were the backbone of our land
                       Where we were taught the golden rule is cool
                       And there was no such thing as a homeless veteran

                              God's our father, the earth's his barn
                              And he's looking down on America's family farm
                              But few of us listen to what our father has to say
                              As America's family farm fades away

                              Fades away, fades away, fades away
                              The good book says we reap what we sow
                              And we can only eat what farmers grow
                              As America's family farm fades away. . .


Copyright © by Richard Aberdeen ASCAP
Copyright © by Freedom Tracks Music ASCAP

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