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          We grew up in a Normal Rockwell picture perfect town
          Where all day long in the summer sun it was safe to roam around
          We fished n' swam and swung in a tire hung from an old oak tree
          Yeah, some good times were cheap and the rest of 'em were free

                Must be hard to be a kid today
                When everything costs more than folks can afford to pay
                And it's dangerous, even with a fence, to go outside and play
                Must be hard to be a kid today

          We worked hard on the family farm through every kind of weather
          With no computers or video games, we laughed and played together
          Every table was filled with food that was freshly down home grown
          An' veterans marched in parades 'stead of wandering streets alone

                Must be hard to be a kid today
                With a whole world gone astray on prime time display
                When jobs n' homes n' dreams are vanishin' all away
                Must be hard to be a kid today

          Back then, we were taught the truth will make us free
          From the best words on the library shelf
          And our science books didn't pretend
          The universe somehow designed itself

                Must be hard to be a kid today
                To believe by pure accident we ride the Milky Way
                And be taught there's no God who hears us when we pray
                Must hard to be a kid today, um, um um
                Sure must be hard to be a kid today


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