[ country ]

       Yeah, some folks like to party it up with a holiday buffet
       Others cheer with plentyía beer aní a football pizza gourmet
       An' some folks get together whenever just for a couple of kicks
       But here in the sticks we dig conflicts, we talk politics

             Yeah, we talk about our right to life aní about your right to die
             If you donít dig down home discussion best pass us clear on by
             We sit out on the front porch in the eveniní Ďround Ďbout six
             No, we donít just blow smoke, we talk politics

       We talk about stubborn elephants aní about them liberal mules
       Aní about why God is disappointed in our public schools
       Donít need egghead advice from walls of ivory-covered tower bricks
       Up there they may blow smoke but we talk politics

             We guard our right to chew aní spit, practice our right to drink
             You can bet unfiltered butts we think any way we choose to think
             We donít tow no party line, no, we like to throw independent in
                  the mix
             Yeah, we donít just blow smoke, we talk politics

       Now the tv likes to color us solid as either red or blue
       An' as long as ratings stay up guess they donít care
       If Americans know whatís really true

             We keep an eye on the economy and we donít like oil slicks
             Aní we figure itís both sidesí fault that weíre in such a hellíuva fix
             So donít come 'round knockiní on our door unless you can take
                  your licks
             ĎCause we donít just blow smoke, we talk politics

             No, we ainít completely transfixed by a few lítle computer mouse
             Aní we donít intermix with dipsticks, we talk politics
             Politics, politics, we talk politics


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