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Stop the world from spinnin' round
So I don't keep on fallin' down
Stop the world, let me get off and rest for awhile
Stop the world for today
Let me get off and drift away
To a place where once again I can smile

         Can't stop clouds outside my window from gatherin' 'round
         Can't stop the howlin' wind blowin' that warnin' sound
         Can't stop the hard rain soon fallin' on the ground
         Guess I'll read that old book on the shelf
         That teaches how to love my neighbor like myself

Stop the world and let me climb
In between the hands of time
Stop the world, it's turnin' way too fast
Stop the world, I've had enough
Stop the world and let me off
'Till today has long become the past

Grandma said, “take it easy”, life works out best that way
But it's so hard to slow down in a mobile global race to judgement day

         Can't stop the dark clouds gatherin' 'round
         Can't stop the final deal, no doubt soon comin' down
         And when that last train leaves the station, there'll be no doubt where it's
         The answer's found in this old book from the shelf
         That teaches how to love my neighbor like myself *

* Second chorus inspired by Arlo Guthrie's "Last Train"; one of Woodstock Generation's best songwriters.


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