Chapter Thirty-Five

[ Native American, introductory poem ]

        I am the master of Sequoyah, Spirit friend of American Nations
        Eternal Logos of wisdom's sages, infinity cosmic universal ages
        I am the author of peace and love but my right hand holds the thunder
        Those who deceive and oppress my people
        My white horse soon will trample under. . .

                     We all bow to Big Chief
                     Great Spirit of Oglala Sioux sky
                     Who makes his rain fall on the evil and good
                     And hears the oppressed when they cry
                     We believe in helping a stranger in need
                     And believe in brotherhood
                     The avarice way of the savage light hand
                     We've never really quite understood

                     We all bow to Big Chief
                     Our Father of American nations
                     Never killing or planting more than we need
                     We have reverence for all his creations
                     For 12,000 years we hunted in peace
                     Gathered food and planted his seed
                     We seldom knew more than minor warfare
                     And never heard of such insatiable greed

                     We all bow to Big Chief
                     Great God of the natural flow
                     We like to share all things in common
                     And offer half when supplies are low
                     They called us sub-human and savage
                     For refusing to buy and sell land
                     And repaid our kindness with evil
                     When we offered them a helping hand

                     There's a drum beat sounding in the distance
                     The Trail Of Tears continues to grow
                     As they rape the home of our children's future
                     And ignore the true path that we know
                     Misery and destruction follow their feet
                     The Law Of Peace they have not known
                     And as sure as mighty rivers flow to the sea
                     They will reap what they have sown

                     "Vengeance is mine" says Big Chief
                     And though our tears flow down like rain
                     We know that someday we will prevail
                     And be one with the eagle again
                     Now whether our lot be good or bad
                     And no matter which way the wind blows
                     We all bow to Big Chief
                     'Cause we know his will is what goes * **

Native American Rights Fund    Native American Resources

DEDICATED TO:  Tatanka-Iyotanka [Chief Sitting Bull; Hunkpapa Sioux], perhaps the very greatest political leader to ever arise in the Americas.  It is typical of him to note that in old age and enduring criticism for stooping to take part in Buffalo Bill's traveling wild west show, Tatanka Iyotake took his excess earnings from this and spread it among the poor white children he encountered in the various towns the show passed through---the same white children whose relatives had so un- believably mistreated and utterly decimated the Sioux and other Native Americans, violating treaty after treaty over and over and over again.

*FootNote:  In addition to Tatanka-Iyotanka (above), inspired by Sikwayi [Sequoyah; Cherokee], Hehaka Sapa [Black Elk; Oglala Sioux] two teachers who together were perhaps more effective toward the positive good than all of the modern college professors in America viewed together.  And inspired by Makhpiya-Luta [Chief Red cloud; Oglala Sioux], Motavato [Chief Black Kettle; Cheyenne] and Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt [Chief Joseph; Nez Perce], three great leaders of peace who, along with Tatanka-Iyotanka, in an unbiased light of positive historical legacy, probably outshine all of the presidents of the United States combined. Native American Poverty Information

**FootNote II:  Many modern-day Americans have become aware of some of the gross injustices perpetrated upon the native peoples by savage Europeans and their descendents calling themselves "Americans", though few have much of a clue as to just how bad this injustice truly has been (and still remains).  Perhaps sufficient to note here, certainly a if not the major reason that pilgrims of self-assumed progress arriving in North America labeled native Americans "savage" and "subhuman" was due to the native's custom of refusing to buy and sell land.  The supposed God-fearing, Bible toting European arrivals thus set out to Christianize the natives by forcing them to choose either conversation to Christianity (which included selling their land) or death.  Interestingly enough, both the Old Testament (Leviticus) and especially the New Testament (Acts), depict the buying and selling of land as ungodly and savage, the exact opposite of what the regressive pilgrims and their capitalistic descendants attempted to force on Native Americans.  For more information, recommended study includes 1491 by Charles C. Mann, Our Oriental Heritage by Will Durant and The West video series by Ken Burns, as well as various articles on native peoples found in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Also, it would undoubtedly be helpful if modern free enterprisers of half-truth, injustice and the anti-Native American way bothered to read what the Bible actually says.


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