Chapter Fourteen

[ a poem or rap song ]

                                 We are blue collar
                                 We work hard with our hands
                                 We are the wheels of the city
                                 The backbone of our land

                                 We are blue collar
                                 We drive trucks down the road
                                 Work on the factory line
                                 Dig in the ground for coal
                                 And when the long day is over
                                 We enjoy the fruits of our labor
                                 Drink beer with our buddies
                                 And play cards with our neighbor

                                 We are blue collar
                                 We build houses and load ships
                                 We don't care for fancy phrase
                                 We shoot straight from the hip
                                 The politician who would corrupt
                                 And the thief who would steal
                                 Belong locked up in the hole
                                 Make no mistake how we feel

                                 We are blue collar
                                 We teach our children to behave
                                 We want our sons and our daughters
                                 To be upright and brave
                                 We work hard for our money
                                 Put in extra hours on the side
                                 We don't want some tv preacher
                                 Taking us for a flimflam ride

                                 We are blue collar
                                 And we stand for what's right
                                 We don't see male or female
                                 We don't see black or white
                                 We judge each by their character
                                 Each must earn our respect
                                 We admire those true of heart
                                 And the rest we reject

                                 We are blue collar
                                 Some of us live in the street
                                 We have no roof for our children
                                 And have no food to eat
                                 We worked hard for our country
                                 Some of us fought in the war
                                 We don't understand how America
                                 Can close her heart's door

                                 We are blue collar
                                 And we fear the true God
                                 We don't ask for a hand out
                                 We only ask for a job
                                 To those up in D.C.
                                 Who claim to represent our great land
                                 Better read up on Roosevelt
                                 If you would truly lend a hand

                                 Our roads need repairing
                                 Our schools need rebuilt
                                 We need shelters for the homeless
                                 Our cities could use a face-lift
                                 So take all of that welfare money
                                 And the stupid unemployment dole
                                 Create some new WPA projects
                                 That is, if you have the balls

                                 Throw out the telephone book tax system
                                 Put in a new one that's fair
                                 We want each and every American
                                 To pay their fair share
                                 Require each man and each woman
                                 To all pay the same percent
                                 No deductions, no exceptions
                                 No rich man's perks from the government

                                 We are blue collar
                                 Our country 'tis of thee we sing
                                 In honor of our father George Washington
                                 And our great brother, Martin Luther King
                                 To those in the Capitol tower
                                 And the preacher in his Sunday best
                                 If you don't stand up for we the people
                                 Then stay the hell away from us!

                                 We are blue collar
                                 We work hard with our hands
                                 We are the wheels of the city
                                 The backbone of our land

Please Support Union America.  To not understand why it is necessary
for workers to unite is to not comprehend the history of humanity entirely.

Labor Movements Online Resource

Joe Hill, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and Big Bill Haywood

DEDICATED TO:  Steve Lovelace, friend and co-worker through many of the author's "Blue-Collar" years.  Interestingly enough, along with our mostly ruined and retired backs, we are now both owners of "White-Collar" business enterprises.


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