[ blues ]

                           You gotíta feed your congressman, baby
                           You got to feed him every day
                           You gotíta feed your congressman, baby
                           You got to feed him every day
                           Oh, morniní, noon aní nighttime
                           You gotíta kiss his ass in every way

                           Pay his kidís way to law school
                           Buy his olí lady a fancy car
                           Pay his kidís way to law school
                           Buy his olí lady a fancy car
                           Supply him a little boy blue
                           Aní expensive Cuban cigars

                           You gotíta feed your congressman, baby
                           You gotíta feed him every time you get the chance
                           You gotíta wine him aní dine him
                           And fly'm to Tahiti and France
                           The more ya bribe him, baby
                           The deeper he'll stick his hand down in your pants

                           Got the businessman in his pocket
                           The preacher man in his Gucci shoe
                           Got the businessman in his pocket
                           The preacher in his Gucci shoe
                           Started in life a rich man
                           Aní likely heíll die one, too

                           Ignore the homeless aní the veterans
                           And cut the funds for healthcare
                           Vote himself a raise and leave
                           The school lunch tables bare
                           Fill up the olí pork barrel
                           And build a bridge to nowhere

                           Pack Wall Streetís war chest
                           On a false weapons pitch
                           Take food off the poor plate
                           Aní give it all to the rich
                           Like Robin Hood in reverse
                           A no-class lyiní ass son of a bitch

                           Headiní up to DC
                           For a day of recompense
                           Oh, headiní on up to DC
                           Peopleís day of recompense
                           Join the million-mile protest line
                           A genuine capitol offense
                           Yeah, a genuine capitol offense * **

Common Cause      Susan B. Anthony Institute

DEDICATED TO:  The 108th Congress, O House of Heathen Shame!  Also dedicated to Susan B. Anthony, long-suffering and most determined champion of women's suffrage and Human Rights.  It is reported that Samuel Clemens replied when asked whether or not women should be allowed to vote:  "As bad as their choices may be, they of a certainty could do no worse than the men have done".

*FootNote:  "The soul of democracy, the essence of the word itself, is government of, by and for the people.  And the soul of democracy has been dying, drowning in a rising tide of big money contributed by a narrow, unrepresentative elite that has betrayed the faith of citizens in self-government."
        --Bill Moyers; speech before Environmental Grantmakers Association, October 16, 2001

**FootNote:  Excerpt from a letter to the editor by the author; July, 2001. . .
       "Since 1968, the year we lost Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. (it's been downhill ever since), the real immoral culprit to blame is not the Nixons, Fords, Carters, Reagans, Bushs or even Clintons that followed, but rather, those congressional motley crews who in their asinine arrogance of self-serving ignorance, would have us believe that they somehow represent we the people.
       "All of the above, including especially President Carter, were hamstrung to downright hog-tied in attempting to get any reasonable legislation past for the ultimate long term benefit of America.  And the current attempt by the House to scuttle any semblance of election reform only clearly indicates that there is no change in the ill-wind blowing from the northeast halls of malfeasance coming any time soon.  There is perhaps no time in the history of the United States where such open and unbridled rule by the 'corporate fat' lobby pocket has been allowed to replace the now only remotely theoretical, rule by the people.
       "Perhaps what is necessary is a bi-partisan effort on the part of we the people to run their pork-fat butts in mass, out of Washington and up the nearest flagpole where they belong. As Samuel Clemens was want to remark during the "gilded age" of similar political self-serving indulgence, the only true patriot is the one who advocates hanging them all and starting over."


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