[ a poem ]

                    O sun, giant brimstone inferno ablaze in a midday sky
                    Infinitesimal twinkling mirror of the great invisible Light
                    So teach us to number our days
                    That we may gain a heart of wisdom
                    For we are as grass, flourishing in the morning sun
                    Withering before the moon’s pale reflection appears
                    And of such brief breath, the majority is wasted
                    And the minority is spent in searching
                    For a shard of microscopic mirror fragment of the Light
                    In the daylight, we are surrounded in the shadow
                    Enveloped by the dark
                    And in the daylight there is great fear
                    But there is no harm, but only good in the Light

In honor of American/English poet T. S. Eliot and his friend, King David of Israel.  All people, regardless of age, nationality, ‘race’, ethnicity, intellect, gender, sexual orientation, physical or societal stature or handicap, wealth, religion, political, social, moral or other belief, lack of belief or of any other ill-perceived superficial and artificial division and persuasion, are cordially invited to join the Great Revolution of Human and Civil Rights; revolution of peace and social justice and goodwill toward all people who inhabit our mutually shared fragile planetary home. . .

Christianity and other twisted lies,

Just Say “NO!

Jesus, friend of sinners and the common people

just say yes

                    may God bless all those who seek the truth in sincerity

                              — Richard Aberdeen; October, 2003


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