Chapter Forty-Five

[ a song ]

   They call me Judas Iscariot, I play a capital money game
   I've been known to fashion me a lariat and from the church rafters hang
   I go to the fundamental church on Sunday and sit in a front row pew
   Where we all like to sing "Amazin' Grace" while we bleed red, white and blue

   We don't give a damn 'bout the livin', we're holden' an abortion sign
   While we listen to a fancy sermon 'bout someone who spiked some wine
   We don't ever smoke or drink this wine, we believe that'd be a sin
   Wish I could find someone to help me out of the twisted shape I'm in

   We like to thump our livin' Bibles, we like to thump them long and hard
   While the homeless deportee hand is starvin' in our own backyard
   We believe in the second comin', think it's gonna happen bout' any day
   So we don't give damn 'bout pollution, goin' to hell in a bucket anyway

   We believe in one fundamental God, believe he can raise the dead
   And we're doin' our best to follow him by never doin' anything he said
   We build fine temples out of stain-glass, while ignoring the sick and poor
   We like to clean the outside of the cup and bow down to Babylon's whore

   We vote the conservative ticket, for all the men of war and wealth
   'Cause we believe it's a liberal sin to give a damn 'bout our nation's health
   We hold prayer breakfasts for America, while common people get the screw
   We believe our Bibles somehow teach this is the righteous thing to do

   They call me Judas Iscariot, man of wealth and international fame
   All of my theology majors are busy tryin' to figure out my game
   I like to dress God's daughters in choir robes, his sons in fundamental tie
   Deceive the common folk who mean well, make them follow a stain-glass lie

   Yeah, they call me Judas Iscariot, money is the name of my game
   I like to convince people followin' me and God are one and the same
   I go to the fundamental church on Sunday and sit in a front row pew
   Where we all like to sing "Amazin' Grace" while we bleed red, white and blue
   Yeah, I go to the fundamental church where I sit in a front row pew
   I'm preparin' an American lariat, 'cause under God, I like to screw you *

French Communists Launch Jesus Art Exhibition

DEDICATED TO:  The Onward Christian Coalition Of Pharisaical Blasphemers---who else would be more worthy of such a blessed hymn as this?

*FootNote:  In the author's opinion, there is nothing that the historical Jesus hated worse than what today is called "conservative Christian fundamentalism", which is a true oxymoron of obscene blasphemy if there ever was one.  Jesus hated anything and every thing that distorts the liberal and forgiving nature of God toward the average common person and sinner. While it is true that what modern Christianity practices and promotes contains certain elements that are of themselves, true facts, more often as not, half truths are grossly skewered and twisted into useless doctrinal dogma, perversely distorted into a confining conservative religion by those who "hold the truth in unrighteousness".  Like the Pharisees of old, they teach as truth the hypocrisy of outward religionist tradition.  Largely ignoring care for and voting for those who take away from, the sick and poor, they bring open shame to the ultra-liberal Human and Civil Rights message of the true historical Jesus (see Revolution for more details).  There is no individual in history more liberal than Jesus and there is nothing more fundamentally wrong, nor is there a greater evil on Planet Earth, than modern conservative fundamentalism.  One who steals from the poor or deals heroin is overall, less harmful to our society than those who paint in our children's brains, the twisted image of Catholic and Protestant unbending and unforgiving, conservative religionist stain-glass distortion.  (See also, House of Ill-Repute: The Fat Robber's Son Goodtime Rag.)


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