Chapter Sixty-Seven

[ a song, easy-listening ]

                             "Why do the nations rage
                             And the people imagine a vain thing?"
                             Why does the rain forest vanish
                             And the young robin refuse to sing?
                             Why do the tears keep on falling
                             Down the face of the widow who stands
                             By the road where the big trucks are rolling
                             Past her cart filled with rags and old cans?

                             Why does the sick man suffer
                             And why can't the blind woman see?
                             Why does the third world hunger
                             While some live a life full and free?
                             Why are the scales so unbalanced?
                             Is there really a God up above?
                             Why is there murder and mayhem
                             Instead of harmony, world peace and love?

                             Those who would dare ask such questions
                             May be brave, but not all that wise
                             Each one of us makes our own choices
                             And we're all born to a tradition of lies
                             If we elect to ignore the humble beggar
                             It is not God's choice but our own
                             To him, we must not point a finger
                             For it is he who sits on the throne

                             When we see the poor in misery
                             It tells us what we're like in side
                             And when we see the blind one stumble
                             We know the darkness is no place to hide
                             When those who are challenged struggle
                             We realize our hearts are in chains
                             For these are God's special mirrors
                             Reflecting our soul's aches and pains

                             When we help our neighbor with his burden
                             It is God who inspires us thus
                             And when the hungry are given bread freely
                             It is God who is at work in us
                             To do his very great pleasure
                             And we can see that he truly cares
                             For he uses his image creation
                             And hides himself behind the mirrors

                             And the mirrors will one day shine bright
                             As the stars and the sun in their glory
                             And the rich, the proud and the mighty
                             Will bow low and hear their sad story
                             Then our own small pains and small sorrow
                             Will in a brief moment be healed
                             And the mirrors will comfort our hearts
                             For their glory will then be revealed

                             "Why do the nations rage
                             And the people imagine a vain thing?". . . ¹

Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation

DEDICATED TO:  poet Matthew Stepanek, America's heartsong and to Christopher Reeve, America's super man.  Also dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor, friend of the late Ryan White and longtime friend of God's beloved mirrors.


1. From Psalm 2, author unknown.


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