Chapter Ninety-One

[ a song, folk ]

                           The sun also rises
                           Yeah, the sun returns again
                           There may be hate, there may be war
                           But there will be peace in the end
                           There’s no need for confusion
                           There is one God up above
                           We don’t need more religion
                           We need more peace and love

                           So, do unto others
                           As you would have them do to you
                           The sum of what matters
                           In our heart we know it’s true
                           No one is an island
                           We can hurt or we can help
                           The solution now is love not hate
                           And it begins with our own self

                           Ask not for whom the bell tolls
                           It tolls for you and tolls for me
                           The answer loud is coming down
                           From the stars of eternity
                           We may be rich, we may be poor
                           We all need help from above
                           We need a friend to lend a hand
                           And we all need someone to love

                           So, do unto others
                           As you would have them do to you
                           Is there really another better way
                           To turn our gray skies back to blue?
                           From the rock of ages and good news pages
                           Buried deep on history’s shelf
                           This is the sum of the matter
                           To love our neighbor as our self

                           Yeah, no one is an island
                           We must work together to be free
                           Ask not for whom the bell tolls, now
                           It tolls for you and tolls for me
                           Ask not for whom the bell tolls, now
                           It tolls for you and tolls for me
                           Ask not for whom the great bell tolls
                           It tolls for you and tolls for me *

“I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security. Defense of our
resources is just as important as defense abroad.  Otherwise, what is there to defend?”

                                                                    --Robert Redford


{ may as well throw in the 108th Congress of gross malfeasance while we are at it }

We need individuals representing us who make the people’s health a priority;
we need representatives who care about our sick and poor, who care about
our jobless and homeless and who care about the environment of our chil-
dren’s future.  All those in office or running for office who do not make
these a top platform priority, We The People---just say “NO!”

DEDICATED TO:  Motion picture actor, producer and director of planetary conscience Robert Redford and Mariel Hemingway, a note from "Papa".  Also dedicated to former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, apparently the only noteworthy political official in America who correctly understands what should be done regarding acting president Bush Junior and to Don Henley, Glen Frey and The Eagles, whose haunting popular song “Desperado”, is truly a masterpiece of poetic art, among the very finest verse that human literature has to offer; “O' beautiful, for spacious skies, but now those skies are threatening.  They're beating plow-shares into swords. . .” ¹   American Desperado best re-think her selfish direction and change her savage and perilous course before it’s too. . .  late.


1. From “The End Of The Innocence” by Don Henley; The End Of The Innocence (1989).

*FootNote:  Inspired by American author Ernest Hemingway, Welsh/English poet John Donne, the unknown author of Ecclesiastes and the foundation of Human and Civil rights, as stated by Jesus of Nazareth.  Concept inspired by folk singers Tim and Sarah Crews of Prescott, Arizona.


        As noted throughout this book, there are many sincere and dedicated well-known individuals in various professional positions that devote a considerable amount of their time, talent and other resources toward alleviating negative problems.  There are of course, other noteworthy persons of dedication not mentioned here and a great many more people of less recognizable name who likewise, contribute (some a great deal) toward a worthy endeavor of individual choosing.  If this book has inspired nothing else, please consider the absolute necessity of uniting and working together under the singular Just Cause solution of Human and Civil Rights.
        Those who work toward a better environment and safer planetary home for all species, those who work to help the sick and the poor, those who strive for peace and social justice, those who support true and better education, those who believe in individual and collective freedom and those involved with other valid issues---Please consider the value of combined power of solution in working together under the umbrella of a singular Just Cause.  For as Albert Schweitzer and Robert Redford (above) have clearly pointed out:  If we do not strive to protect the environment of our children’s future, then we do not care about our own offspring, our own nation or about Human Rights.  And if we do not promote mutual respect for and strive to help our immediate and planetary brothers and sisters, then we can harbor no hope of future generations caring about anything other than their own greed and self gratification, at the expense of our fragile planetary home and all species (including ours) who live therein. In the great philosophy of Reverence For Life, we must strive to treat all species with dignity and respect and most assuredly, there is no valid meaning or purpose in this age other than to love our neighbor as our self.


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