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Chapter 73


       A leading 21st Century scientist publicly stated, “science is what is true”. But, is this a fair and honest assessment when weighed in the balances of the known evidence?

       Six hundred years ago, scientists believed our sun circles the earth.  Even after Copernicus died, many insisted he was wrong.  When examined with any fairness, what is called “science” has a historical track record of constant revision regarding even the most fundamental of concepts.

       According to historian Will Durant, medical research was set back decades because scientists refused to accept evidence for blood circulation.  Not that long ago, many scientists believed disease spontaneously arises.  Two decades into the 20th Century, the majority believed in an eternal static universe containing one galaxy.

       Due to modern DNA and other emerging evidence, significant revisions are taking place in virtually every scientific field.  While educators expound on the “universal laws of physics”, some scientists openly question if there are any such laws.  Meanwhile, emerging evidence suggests universal highly advanced mathematical design.

       Many astrobiologists today believe life existed before our own solar system.  Modern theory goes something like this:  What causes life emerged from the big bang, is refined in stars and seeded from supernovas and other cosmic events, ending up in accretion disks surrounding newly formed stars.

       Then, as conditions allow, life probably arises on innumerable planets, most likely in many exotic forms unknown to us.  Whether arising from a singular point on earth, long assumed by Darwinian evolution or, life arose multiple times from many or even “zillions” of original forms, remains entirely unknown.

       Some geneticists openly challenge standard evolutionary models.  While it is indisputable life adapts and changes, exactly how and why such changes occur is hotly debated.  How to define “species” remains undetermined; the term itself being a human construct, part of an invented system artificially classifying life that has been revised significantly over time.

       According to the Encyclopedia Britannica article “Evolution”, science doesn't know how, when, where, why or in what form life arose on earth.  The article “Virus” concludes, in regards to viruses alone, science knows almost nothing compared to what there is yet to learn.

       And, though what science defines as “species” arise and die out, life itself marches on, in spite of catastrophic events on earth and far greater cataclysmic occurrences within the larger universe.  For all we know, life existed prior to the universe we inhabit and, may continue to exist forever and ever, long after our current universe passes away.

       Many today embrace the worst imaginable science fiction, claiming without a shred of supporting evidence that the universe arose from random, blind, unguided processes, as if a microbe in a petri dish could honestly say no one created the dish, there's no scientist observing it's actions, no laboratory, earth, solar system, etc., as if the universe we and the microbe inhabit somehow magically appeared.

       Does science really know what is true?  Or are certain 21st Century scientists just randomly pulling our DNA chain?  You decide.



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Does Science Really Know What is True?

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