Bradley West was born July 9th, 1987 and raised in West Memphis and Marion, Arkansas.  According to his family, Bradley learned to talk by singing.  He was entered in an America's Most Beautiful pageant at age two.  When he saw the stage, barely able to talk, he told his mom, “When I get to that stage I'm going to sing and dance."  Being able to sing the entire song, “Super-Cali-Fradulistic” at that age, he walked out on the stage holding his mother’s hand but, jerking his hand away from hers and going all the way to the end of the stage by himself, he sang, danced, threw kisses and even bowed.  He won best personality at this, his first taste of the spotlight.

       Bradley has studied encyclopedias about the history and legends of country music since his early years of learning to read.  As a child he liked Western clothes and, rather than filling his time with cartoons and video games, he preferred to watch adult dramas and musicals.  Bradley currently enjoys studying the law, has always admired John Wayne and has a collection of his movies.  The first time he heard George Jones, he wanted to know who he was.  He has studied the songs of Hank Williams Sr., including some never released and people have often commented that he reminds them of Hank Sr. himself.

       Born with cataracts and severe farsightedness, Bradley's musical abilities have provided him self esteem and have helped his peers to overlook these disabilities and he has enjoyed great support from his community, school faculty, friends and family.  He started wearing contact lenses at age twelve due to his severe eye problems and a saying handed down from his grandparents that continues to inspire him is:  “You can be and do anything you put your heart and mind into becoming.”

       Bradley was in his first real musical talent show at the age of twelve, which was also his school’s first talent show.  After receiving a standing ovation that night, he told his parents he wanted to show the world he could sing.  Accepted to perform by the Mid South Fair in Memphis, Tennessee after only his second preliminary contest, he has performed there every year since.  He competes against bands, choreography groups, dance, tap, opera and all other types of music in age groups of thirteen to twenty-one.  It is difficult for a stand alone country music act to succeed at this particular event, but this year he made it to the semi finals, winning a gold medallion and $50.

       Bradley was the 2001 Vocal Soloist for St. Frances County Fair and was invited to be a special guest at the Arkansas Fair that same year.  He has performed at the Loretta Lynn’s Ranch Talent Search since 2003 and has been in the finals each time.  Like all successful performers, Bradley has lost as well won competitions, but he has never given up.  Pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a country music entertainer, his teachers, friends and family have watched him grow while giving him lots of ongoing encouragement and support.

       Bradley West has performed in Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee, singing at festivals, rodeos, fundraisers, nursing homes and churches.  He has been a member of the Arkansas Festival Association since 2004.  Debra Griggs from the Main Street Fall Festival which he performs in each year, is on the Festival board and is the one who invited him to participate; she has given him her ongoing support.  He has been on Time Warner television’s LEAD program, which focuses on students and their accomplishments in a 30-minute one-on-one interview.  The National Quota Ladies West Memphis chapter raises money for great events and they have provided inspiration and support for him as well.

       Bradley has been writing songs since his elementary school days and he built his own home studio at age fourteen.  He plays guitar and harmonica and he enjoys sports, hunting, fishing and arts and crafts.  He has entered and won several art contests; his art has been featured at the State Capitol in Arkansas, as well as winning at the Memphis, Tennessee Mid South Fair.  Bradley played football in seventh grade, has been athletics manager of his school since eighth grade and was his high school sophomore class president.  He graduated from high school in 2006 and is considering attending law school sometime in the future.

       Bradley West is currently concentrating on the pursuit of his musical career and has recently attracted the attention of Freedom Tracks Music, a music publisher and independent record label located in Nashville, Tennessee.  He is in the process of recording his first professionally produced CD.  Bradley is a member of the Crittenden County, Arkansas Community Emergency Response Team and enjoys helping others.  He hopes to be able to use his talent and love for country music in a positive and meaningful way to make our nation and world a better place for us all.

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