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'FREE' MARKETAIRS (Rhymes with Billionaires)

Buried in the last pre-Biden Republican relief package (such as it was), were new regulations preventing workers from suing their employees until at least 2024, while on the other hand, business owners will be allowed to sue their workers for even daring to attempt to bring suit against them. This would not only be extremely unsafe for workers, it would also endanger every consumer. One of the main things that holds greedy callous corporate America in check today, is the ability of workers and consumers to sue and, the ability of whistle-blower workers to warn consumers of unsafe products and services.

Take that away and, our children have nothing but complete and total corporate dominance and economic slavery to look forward to in the future, as well as immediate harm in the present. And less we forget, more of those good ol' pre-regulated American packages of tainted meat, salmonella laced chicken and bogus placebo pills, mixed in with our ever more prohibitively expensive big-pharma medicines.

One horror of non-unionized economic slavery is that workers over time find themselves working longer and longer hours for less and less of a living wage; just ask any Uber or Lyft driver or, carpenter who has been swindled into doing piece work. But there is another evil of economic slavery, which is that workers find themselves working in less and less safe working conditions, while consumers have less and less power to hold companies accountable when their child chokes to death on a plastic toy or dies from poisoned food.

This is the real ultimate goal of the so-called "Reagan Revolution". The goal of the supply-side 'free' marketairs, among other oppressive measures, is to eliminate any and all unions, work safety laws and consumer protection regulations. There was a time in the United States when workers losing an arm or a leg or their lives were just callously replaced by a new worker, without any thought to improving work safety and, with no compensation or concern for what would become of their spouse and children. This is precisely the backward direction the Republican Party has been dragging us, long prior to the grandiose gilded escalator ride of Donald J. Trump.

"Deregulation" to Republicans means getting rid of "burdensome" laws, rules and regulations that protect workers and consumers and prevent presidents and senate majority leaders from mass polluting humanity out of existence. Deregulation never means getting rid of laws preventing workers from suing their employers, draconian rules hindering workers from unionizing, forcing workers to sign arbitration and non-disclosure agreements and non-compete clauses and similar anti-human rights morally retarded legislation. And of course, Republicans aren't in any hurry to loosen regulations that protect the 'rights' of landlords to evict millions of Americans in the middle of a contagious pandemic.

Getting rid of burdensome regulations, long the mantra of the Republican Party, is always a one-way street to nowhere. Republicans are first in line to fully support and repeatedly create all manner of crafty regulations preventing workers and consumers from having any power to retaliate against corporate wrong doing. Those who tend to cry loudest over a supposed need to deregulate a so-called "free" market, are the first to create and enforce laws, rules and regulations that help the wealthy become far more wealthy, at the expense of the rest of our's and our children's future.

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