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    You might say I did some hard time in the deserts of Iraq
    And found out I'd been replaced by the factory when I got back
    For an extra weekend paycheck, I hooked up with the National Guard
    An' now out here livin' without a job can be mighty hard
    Here on the boulevard, boulevard

            Here on the boulevard, everybody's in a hurry to get somewhere
            Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care
            Even an ol' lame dog gets to sleep in his own backyard
            An' you know, life out here can be mighty hard
            Here on the boulevard, boulevard

    Maybe tomorrow I'll find my way on down to the mission
    They'll feed me soup and a sandwich an' feed me some religion
    Might get a cot to sleep on tonight if it's not too crowded a condition
    But you know the next day out here's gonna be just as hard
    Here on the boulevard, boulevard

            Here on the boulevard, got to keep on movin' from place to place
            Sleep with both eyes open, watch my back, watch my face
            Some are dealt an ace of diamonds, some end up with a different card
            An' you know life out here can be mighty hard
            Here on the boulevard, boulevard

    Ask me why I walk the streets at night and hang around downtown in the day
    But jus' where do you think you would go, if you had no other place to stay?

            Here on the boulevard it can be hard to keep your faith in God
            With no shower, phone or home, it's so hard to get a job
            Even an ol' lame dog gets to sleep in his own backyard
            An' you know life out here can be so mighty hard
            Here on the boulevard, boulevard * **

U.S. Homeless Information

U.S. Native Poverty Information

U.S. Homeless Veterans Information

National Coalition For The Homeless

National Law Center On Homelessness and Poverty

What manner of nation would use half of the world's resources, harbor much of the world's wealth, contain a large percentageof the world's educated elite, continue to build some of the world's most expensive (and entirely worthless) religious edifices, provide unwarranted tax breaks for the extremely wealthy top 1% of the population and an entertainment industry which routinely spends over one hundred million dollars to create meaningless motion picture drivel, claim to have the preferred form of government for the entire planet and to stand for truth and justice. . . and yet look the other way as impoverished homeless war veterans, senior citizen's and children are forced to sleep in cardboard boxes, in back alleyways, under bridges, in city parks and on city sidewalks?  Will the country which Samuel Clemens referred to as the "land of bibles" go down in history as the one nation beyond all others, that devolved into an utter profane insult to the Creator of the universe?

*FootNote:  "Look, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom:  She and her daughter had pride, fullness of food and abundance of idleness; neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy." Ezekiel 16:49.  See also Fleeing Sodom for more details.

**FootNote II:  Many modern intellectuals and liberal activists do not believe that the Creator will come down hard on a nation that does not make a concerted effort to help the sick and poor.  People who vainly imagine that there is no Creator in control who does to nations as they do unto their own are even more insane than the current Bush Junior administration and the Christian Coalition combined (good luck).


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