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I looked into grandpaís weary eyes
Behind a leathered face drawn in pain
Comes a time the best among us dies
And only fond memories remain
He slowly raised a calloused hand and said
ďDonít you shed no tears for anyone
See you soon in a better place aní time, when kingdom comesĒ

         When kingdom comes, every teardrop will be dried from every eye
         Men of war will plague the earth no more, hungry babies will no longer cry
         When that final trumpet blows and the sky rollís back just like a scroll
         Even Solomon will sing a brand new song, when kingdom comes

Life down here's never been quite the same
Since the day grandpa passed on
Nobody cares what's really true
They only ask "which side you're on?"
The rich aní poor gapís gettiní bigger
Many are quick to pull the trigger
But a world gone wrong will be long gone, when kingdom comes
When kingdom comes

Now, all the shallow men of science pretend their books can somehow save
But after 10,000 years of lessons, the human race still canít behave

         When kingdom comes, no one will marry, buy or sell the land
         We'll all belong to each other, only one will be in command
         Every shadow will pass away, it'll be one big peace an' love feast day
         No more lies, no religion, peace an' freedom for everyone
         When kingdom comes, when kingdom comes *

* Based on the book of Revelation, which may be somewhat different than what you heard in Sunday school, but not all that different from what you may recently have seen on a PBS science program or read in the morning paper.


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