[ country blues; co-written by Daniel Muhammad ]

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                              Back not all that long ago
                              On the heartland family farm
                              Fires burning warm at night
                              Grantin' shelter from the storm
                              We could swim and fish all day
                              Not a worry or a care
                              When we got back to the house
                              Supper was waiting there

                                    These days, the good life's hard to find
                                    Tryin' to put food on the table
                                    We stretch the ties that bind
                                    Seems love for God and family
                                    Is goin' out of style
                                    Takes a lot to smile, these days

                              Guess itís true we all grow old
                              An' leave the simple past
                              Move on in to the city
                              Where the neon pace is fast
                              Wrong-way streets an' broken dreams
                              Bitter memories that don't pass
                              An' at the bottom of this bottle
                              Thereís just an empty glass

                                    These days, love is growin' cold
                                    On the altar of technology
                                    We sacrifice our soul
                                    Fiction rules the classroom
                                    While truth is put on trial
                                    Takes a lot to smile, these days

                              Seems that lifeís just one big lesson
                              Youíre never out of school
                              All these things they brag about
                              Are really not that cool

                                    These days, divided votes are cast
                                    At the turn of a new century
                                    Fear is risin' fast
                                    Security an' freedom
                                    Are hard to reconcile
                                    Takes a lot to smile, these days
                                    Yeah, takes a lot to smile, these days


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