[ rock; co-written by Daniel Muhammad ]

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                            They call me U.S. Steal
                            Twenty-first century fox sound bite
                            Who gives a damn what’s true or false
                            Long as it leans to the right?
                            Add a token liberal, pretend I’m fair
                            A bimbo for some sex appeal
                            I'm busy oilin’ up the corporation wheel
                            And they call me U.S. Steal, U.S. Steal

                            They call me U.S Steal
                            Carnegie sins, fifth generation
                            Incite illegal war, ignore the poor
                            Forget health and education
                            Promise not to leave any child behind
                            Fresh air, green tree or baby seal
                            Gonna drill Alaska a new raw deal
                            And they call me U.S. Steal

                                  They call me U.S. Steal
                                  Rockefeller/Ford assembly line
                                  Gonna’ bust the workin’ people’s unions up
                                  Put 'em back on eighteen-hour time
                                  Privatize hard-earned retirement funds
                                  Guess what happens when the markets reel
                                  Multi-trillion dollar debt I’ll soon reveal
                                  They call me U.S. Steal, U.S. Steal

                            Well, they call me U.S. Steal
                            Bush hackin' wackin' war machine
                            My sham patriotic war drum beat
                            Keeps profiteer's pockets full of green
                            Drink pollution’s cup ‘till the well runs dry
                            Bankrupt Uncle Sam with my tax repeal
                            I just may be human history’s biggest heel
                            Yeah, they call me U.S. Steal

                                  They call me U.S. Steal
                                  That’s S - T - E - A - L
                                  I steal from children, widows and the poor
                                  I steal from the middle class as well
                                  Human and Civil Rights will disappear
                                  World War III will soon be very real
                                  Hey, I’m carryin’ the presidential seal
                                  They call me U.S. Steal, U.S. Steal
                                  U.S. Steal, U.S. Steal, U.S. Steal *

* Inspired by Mass Murderers In High Places.

Wheelchair Foundation      Operation Dignity

Please Support what thieves in our nation's Capitol should be doing with our tax dollars

A.D.A.P.T.      National Coalition for the Homeless


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