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TARA "Little Bit" COLE

      On an August summer night in 2006, a young homeless female named Tara Cole was sleeping on a wharf at Riverfront Park in Nashville, Tennessee, when two men stepped out of the shadows and rolled her into the Cumberland River.  Witnesses tried, but were unable to rescue her.

       Tara's body was found ten days later when the city, after several nights of ongoing vigil and much prodding from local advocates, finally moved an entertainment barge.  According to media sources, city and police officials later blamed the owner of the barge for the nearly two weeks it took to search for her body, even though it is common knowledge and practice that police power and priority trumps private property rights at a suspected crime scene.  The leader of a Nashville volunteer K9 Search & Rescue Unit wrote a letter to the Vice Mayor stating she had notified her supervisor she was "95% certain" Tara Cole's body was under the barge and that the barge was not moved until several days after her notification.  She was later removed from her position for writing this letter; in fact, for being a conscientious whistleblower; authorities of course, deny this was the reason.

       This is the second known deliberate killing of a homeless Nashville citizen within the past two years, both apparently murdered for no reason other than being poor.  A recent segment on the CBS television program "60 Minutes", revealed that deliberately injuring and murdering homeless individuals is a growing perverse national problem in cities across the United States; a sort of sick underground entertainment "sport", often filmed for later internet and video distribution.  More information

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Ballad of Tara Cole ~~~ Believe in Love ~~~ Country Girl Who Was a Princess (Diana's Song) ~~~ Day By Day ~~~ Eyes of a Child ~~~ Footprints Across Sands of Time ~~~ Genuine Sweet Company ~~~ If I Had a Billion Dollars ~~~ Like We Did Back Then ~~~ Me and My Dad ~~~ Pluto ~~~ Solomon's Song ~~~ Some Soldiers Return ~~~ Song of Salvation ~~~ Tara Cole Reprise ~~~ Thought it Was a Jet Plane ~~~ 'Till We Get it Right ~~~ Time Has Come ~~~ Train to Nashville ~~~ Unless You Can Pay the Price

Ballad of Tara Cole based on the tragic story of Tara Cole, a homeless Nashville, Tennessee citizen who was deliberately murdered for the 'crime' of being poor.

Believe in Love based on First Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 13.

Some Soldiers Return for the family of LCDR Michael Scott Speicher, whose plane went down January 17th, 1991, the first night of the Operation Desert Storm air war.  No part of Lieutenant Speicher’s body has ever been found and he is presumed to have survived the crash and been captured by Iraqi forces.  His official status remained KIA-BNR, killed in action—body not recovered, until January 11th, 2001, when it was officially changed to MIA—missing in action.  The most liberal and most conservative of families, losing a loved one to war, share a same common loss, cutting deep beyond all ability of words to describe.

Solomon's Song based on recollections of Mother Theresa by Sir Bob Geldof, as detailed in his book Is That It?.

Country Girl Who Was a Princess (Diana's Song) based on the life and example of Diana; Princess of Wales.

Me and My Dad for Thomas Johnson, Sr..."down home on the family farm"; Walker County, Alabama.

Thought it Was a Jet Plane inspired by a Mark Twain story, where he describes how a steamboat seen for the first time coming down the Mississippi River at night, all lighted up spewing fire and smoke, is mistaken for Elijah's chariot.  Also inspired by Sam Cooke:  "...change is gonna come, oh, yes it is."

AMERICAN RIVER: a song for Tara Cole

Copyright © 2006 by Freedom Tracks Music.  All Rights Reserved.
Recorded and mixed at CCC Studio Works, Forrest City, AR; Dave Smith Studios, Nashville, TN; Denny Martin Studios, Nashville, TN; DKB Studios, Boise, ID; Razzy’s Hit House, Goodlettsville, TN Smash Recording Studios, Nashville, TN; Song Cellar Productions, Nashville, TN
Mastered at Sonic Eden Studios by Jon Albani / Nashville, TN
Published by Freedom Tracks Music (ASCAP) / a Freedom Tracks recording / Nashville, TN

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       Tired of being told by various and sundry music industry insiders that many of his songs are good in quality but will never be recorded in Nashville due to political and social content, songwriter Richard Aberdeen, along with some of Nashville’s top musicians and independent artists, began to record material content that many here in Nashville (and elsewhere) believe should be heard on 21st Century American radio, given the dire straits that members of both major political parties have managed to drag our nation down into.  So far, four CDs have been released under the generic band title "Nashville Session Players".

       Our first effort, Homeless In America (20 tracks +2 free downloads), was released in June of 2005.  It contains multi-genre socio-political, serious and satirical issue-oriented material, as well as a few inspirational-type songs; issue addressed include homelessness and poverty, anti-war, congressional corruption, neo-con and religious wrong, healthcare, social security, unjust taxation, human, civil and native rights, gun control, globalization and more.  It has received airplay on several thousand radio stations throughout the United States and foreign markets.  Some of the tracks have also been used on various television programs and radio talk shows, such as Thom Hartmann’s Air America show, some in documentary films and, the song “Big Mack Donald” was selected for a recent VH-1 “Save The Music” charity CD release. Songs from our other CDs below have also received growing radio airplay and film use as their dates of release allow for.

       We released our second CD, entitled Gonna Rise Up (19 tracks + 1 free download), in September of 2006.  It was produced by established country music songwriter and artist Razzy Bailey, who has written thirteen number one songs and recorded over fifteen albums. Two of his own new songs are included on this second release and his seasoned country-blues vocals can be heard on four of the tracks.  This second multi-genre project is “populist” in slant and centers on the absolute national security necessity of affordable and quality healthcare for everyone within our borders (i.e., disease spreads), which is a growing national concern among U.S. citizens of all political persuasion.  Other issues addressed in this new project include congressional corruption, immigration and homeless war veterans and the title song, “Gonna Rise Up”, is a tribute for recent hurricane victims.  Most of the tracks on this new project are mid to up-tempo; there are tribute songs for Rosa Parks and Pete Seeger included, as well.

       Our third Nashville Session Players CD, American River (19 tracks +1 free download), was released in January of 2007.  Unlike our first two CDs, this third multi-genre collection is politically non-partisan and contains mostly inspirational song material.  With contributions from several outside writers, it was released as a tribute to Tara Cole, a Nashville homeless woman who was murdered for the 'crime' of being homeless.  Severe beatings of homeless people, sometimes leading to murder and, often filmed for both sadistic and profit-motivated reasons, is a most unfortunate, serious growing national problem.  Information about the Tara Cole incident can be found Here.

       Our fourth Nashville Session Players release, Who Would Jesus Bomb? (20 tracks), was released in September of 2008, as a free downloadable CD.  It was 'inspired' by the necessity of responding to the overt lies and covert crass propaganda machine of former presidential adviser Karl Rove and the Junior Bushwacked Administration and, the knee-jerk, inept and ongoing totally corrupt actions of the members of both houses of Congress in Washington D.C. (Samuel Clemens would have a field day).  This 20-track multi-genre release, which can be downloaded at no charge from our website, contains both satirical and more serious socio-political material, as well as several inspirational songs.  Included are tribute songs for Satchel Page, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesus of Nazareth and the murdered students of 1970's Kent State and Jackson State universities.

       We released a satire single focusing on the unparalleled corruption of the Trump Administration, appropriately entitled Trumpty Dumpty, in January of 2018.  A single released in February of 2019, Elvis is Dead, contrasts the simpler and easier times in the "happy days" of the 1950's and 60's compared to the unparalleled disparity of wealth and mass corruption of an American 21st Century of global connectivity, science and wonder (as if we're really any better off. . . who's kidding Who).  A third single released in April of 2019, Rolling On Down the Road, is a unique philosophical multi-genre blend of rock, blues, roots and Americana with R&B harmonies.  A fourth country/pop single release, Love is Free, was released on February 21st, 2020.

       Our recordings have been featured in a Joseph Piner homeless documentary film, Uncertain Days: Living Homeless and in several television and film productions.  And, our CDs have been used by the National Coalition for the Homeless, New Orleans Common Ground Collective Relief and several other organizations as a fundraising tool.  We are open to select organizations using our recordings in this fashion at our cost and they may be used for no charge in approved video, film and television releases.  For fundraising opportunities, many free song downloads and more information, please visit our website: www.FreedomTracks.com.


Fix Up Me        Find a Rose

Attitude ~ George Floyd Tribute

Freedom        Hard to Do the Same Thing

Who Could Believe?        Rainbow

Somebody        Eyes of a Child        People

Where Were You?        Big Bang        Fly Away

Streets of Music City        Rolling

River        Sixteen Weeks in Nashville

Who's Gonna Care About Me?        Blessed

Unknown Soldiers        Shopping Cart Sally

Special Ed        Nowhere We Can Hide

Love is Free       Rolling On Down the Road

Elvis is Dead        Pluto        Trumpty Dumpty

Who Would Jesus Bomb?        Homeless

Brother Martin        Teardrops of Blood

Here In America        Within You and Me

Thought it Was a Jet Plane        Future

Kingdom Come        Gone With the Wind

Psalm Twenty-Three        Save Us All

Boulevard        Slow Train        Shepherd

Before They Care        Duck About You


Is Donald J. Trump The Chosen One?

How Badly Are Our Children Misinformed?

Is There a Fair and Impartial Way to Tax?

Is the tv Series "Cosmos" Remotely Honest?

Is Richard Dawkins Really a Scientist?

How Appalling Can American City Leaders Be?

Can Charles Darwin be Trusted?

Does Science Really Know What's True?

Should We Boycott Walmart & Exxon-Mobil?

Are Americans Well-Educated?

Can We Afford to House the Homeless?

Are People Really Sinners?

GOD: a Perspective

Is Atheism Scientific?

Can Congress be Reformed?

Does the NRA Defend the 2nd Amendment?

Does the ACLU Defend the 1st Amendment?

Should we Care if Everyone Has Health Care?

Is there Really Life in the Future?

Should We Lay Down Our Swords?

Is the American Media Really Legitimate?

Why are there Homeless Veterans in America?

What is the Real Right-Wing Agenda?

Can We Blame Swine Flu on Mexican Immigrants?

Is Richard Dawkins Smarter Than Jesus?

Are Atheists Really Honest About War?

Does Belief in God Cause Human Oppression?

Who is Really Scamming Who?

Who is Really Lying About Health Care?

Is Obama Any Smarter Than Bush?

Are People Really Sheep?

Was Hurricane Katrina God's Judgment?

What if You Were in Charge?

How Accurate is the Bible?

Is the Golden Rule Really the Best Idea?

Did Democrats Really Reform Health Care?

Is Music City Becoming the Meanest City in America?

Do Americans Really Believe in the Constitution?

Where is the Great American Dream?

Living Homeless

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Nashville Session Players
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a song for Tara Cole
Nashville Session Players
Nashville Session Players
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